Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picking Out My Schedule

Day 8: What Do You Think Would Be Your Favorite Lesson?

My initial thought was Defense Against the Dark Arts- but when I thought about it... I changed my mind. The idea of Defense Against the Dark arts is awesome. However, it's only awesome when Lupin is teaching, and part of me feels like I would get really scared during class.

Potions is too much like chemistry and I hate science.

Herbology seems boring. I took a horticulture class in high school and hated it.

As much as I love history- I don't think that even I could handle the History of Magic class with Professor Binns!

Charms would be kind of cool. You could learn a bunch of nifty tricks and stuff.

Divination- um... no.

Care of Magical Creatures- that would be fun, but I would be a bit scared of what creatures Hagrid would bring in. Wouldn't mind the hippogriffs though!

I really feel as though I would like Transfiguration the best. The idea of turning objects into other things is so cool!  Besides, who wouldn't want to be an animagus? Besides, McGonagall is a freaking awesome teacher.


  1. Charms or Transfiguration, definitely! ... oh wait, or flying!!!

  2. I think I'd have to go with Charms. And whatever class teaches you reducto. I drive my brother insane whenever I play Lego Harry Potter on Wii and use that spell, because I yell "REDUCTOOOOOOO!!" at the screen... ;)


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