Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Morning

It's 8am, I'm sitting in my office sipping my coffee, the sounds of "Today Will Be the Perfect Day" on the 8 Tracks Radio app (tags: morning + summer) is coming out of my iPad, and listening in on random conversations in the office as we prepare for the new vicar moving in (he'll be sharing my office, so it'll be interesting) and VBS training begins in an hour.

We're getting new cubicle dividers for my/the vicars office so I took down all of the notes, photos, and other various things off of my own "walls" to make way for the new. Now, when I spin my office chair around it looks oddly empty. At least the walls. My bookshelf, file cabinet, and floor are as crowded as ever.

I look around my little corner of the church and think about what other things need to be taken down, organized, or thrown away. My office would probably be much more spacious if I just took the time to organize it.

Our lay minister (Jim) pops in to check who I have assigned to work in the nursery while VBS training is happening. The smile on his face and a thumbs up show me that the girls coming in are good choices. Which makes me feel better. A couple of them are young and this would be their first time so I wasn't sure.

The Romeo and Juliet poster is laying to my left, silently nagging me to get it hung up somewhere at church.

Just as I'm getting ready to read through my favorite blogs, Jim pops in again to ask if I can help set up for training. Which means it's my cue to stop writing this post and get going.

So I guess it's short today - but that's okay.

Also- today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? I'm so happy for them. :)


  1. Happy anniversary to yo folks!

  2. 30 years, that is AWESOME! HAppy Anniversary for them!


  3. Yay!! I'll have to text ur mom saying happy anniversary :)


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