Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Clearly Not Ready to be a Mom

Said in an awesome TV voice: Previously, on Love Woke Me Up This Morning...

I went to a "gender reveal party" where I learned my dog is more popular than I am, they served nuts on the boy side of the candy table, and I found out that women actually do argue about baby names at parties. 


Over the weekend it was time for the baby shower of the baby whose gender was revealed back in March. (It's a boy by the way.) 

Thankfully, this baby shower wasn't all that bad as far as baby showers go. Instead of cards, they requested for guests to bring a book with a note written inside, and instead of gifts they wanted diapers only.

Helping the baby build his library before he's even born? I can do that.Not a problem at all. I was able to snatch up this bad boy:

My uncle had gotten it for my sister and I when we were kids, so I was really excited to find this.

Earlier that day I had met my friend Robyn for breakfast, and we had the biggest mochas in the history of the universe. It was glorious.

I then learned she was going to the baby shower as well. Hooray! I wouldn't be the only single girl there!

I arrive at the shower after circling the church parking lot a few times trying to figure out where to park and which entrance to use book in tow and a ribbon attached. (I stood in line at Walgreens for that ribbon for about 15 minutes!) As I placed the book on the gift table and greeted the mother of the soon-to-be-mother I scanned the room to try and find a familiar face. No luck. The only faces I knew was the mommy-to-be herself and her sister. They were sitting at a table which they thankfully let me sit at as well. Unfortunately... they both left soon after to attend to party duties. 


Also - no sign of Robyn.

Before my one friend could arrive we began the games. Oh yes, we played baby shower games.The first one was to unscramble baby words.... I didn't do too hot.

Then we had to dig through our purses and find things that would be useful for being a mom with a baby in tow. 

Since I only brought in my writs-let wallet and cell phone - I didn't do well on that game either.

I texted Robyn soon after this activity to see where she was, and thankfully she was on her way. She soon joined my table and I didn't feel so alone.

However, in the game territory Robyn didn't help much. Our table thought the mommy-to-be was much larger around than she really was. Oops.

Basically, according to baby shower games I am clearly not prepared for motherhood. Which I wasn't planning on having a child anytime soon - so I feel like that's okay.

At least we had awesome animal cupcakes and other goodies to snack on.

Yup, that elephant is made of chocolate and it was amazing.

We also found this page bookmarked in a children's Bible someone had bought as a gift:

"This was another very sad day."

I'm all for teaching children realistic Bible stories. However, if you go this route the phrase "This was another very sad day" is going to be the #1 sentence in the book. Nearly ALL of the days were very sad days in the Bible. There was some wonderful snarking on my part.

However, there was another woman at my table who had a Tardis keychain and we bonded over that. 

Overall, as far as baby showers go this one wasn't too bad. I'll bring your kid an awesome book and talk about Doctor Who- but don't expect me to become mother of the year anytime soon or win any games.


  1. I remember that original post! Wasn't that your Carrie Bradshaw inspired post? I totally relate to games at showers...I'm not a fan....mostly cuz I suck at them, lol

  2. Baby shower games sound AWFUL...and I'm hoping to become a mom fairly soon. But I figure as long as I would rather play a real game (hello, Candyland) with a child I'm okay, right? Do you think people would be offended if (one day when/if I get preggo) my shower is just "You bring me presents, I give you cake?" I mean, I'd take that deal personally...

    1. That sounds like the perfect baby shower! I'm all for getting things for my friends babies. Babies are awesome and when you give me cake and other goodies... I love it.

  3. That chocolate elephant looks like a pile of turds.

    I hope it was delicious.

    1. HAHAHA it does. And it was delicious. Which now sounds disgusting.


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