Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Reaction to Game of Thrones By Text Messages

Apparently I finished reading Storm of Swords at the perfect time with Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones.

If you haven't read the books or seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, spoilers ahead.

I haven't been watching season three mainly because I don't have any fancy cable channels, and I've decided to read the book then watch the season. Which means I won't be watching season three until it's available on DVD/Netflix.

I read about 300+ pages of Storm of Swords on Thursday. Of course... the Red Wedding was the first thing I read that morning. Since I was borrowing Leah's copy of the book, so I texted her basically all day. Here is how my morning started:

7:45am: "Did they kill Catelyn?????"

7:45am: "What about Robb????? I can't tell!!!!!!' (Pretty sure I was in denial at this point...)

7:46am: "OMG Arya what is happening?????"

And Leah of course - NEVER RESPONDED.

Later that morning when I got to work, while talking with one of my co-workers in his office, I might have started to get really emotional.

Co Worker: "I didn't mean to make you cry..."

Me: "No, it's okay. I was reading a book this morning and they just killed off everyone that I love..."

Yes, that conversation actually happened.

Then several hours later - Leah FINALLY responded to my text messages:

10:49am, Leah: "Haha... I've been waiting for this."

Thanks, friend. I'm glad you've been early awaiting my heart being torn to shreds.

I then tell her about my random crying at work and how George RR Martin kills everyone and everything I love.

10:54am, Leah: "Yeah. He does that a lot."

10:57am, Me: "Ugh. So they're really dead? IDK. Don't tell me. Blah. So far Jon is alive (for now) but Ygritte is dead. And Sansa is there. If the Starks all die, what point is there to go on????"

10:58am, Leah: HAHAHA

Again... thanks for the laughter at my heartache. (Just kidding - I love you!)

11am, Me: "The only other characters I like are Tyrion and Brienne. And they'll probably die too." (I was super angsty and pessimistic at this point.)

11:01am, Leah: "You'll just have to wait and see..."

11:02am, Me: "Ugh. Maybe they all become wolves."

11:03am, Leah: "Maybe."

11:03am, Me: "Ugh stupid book. Between that and Supernatural I'm not going to have any emotions left."

11:04am, Leah: "There are always emotions to be had."

11:07am, Me: "Ugh. I think I'm done. lol"

I did finish the book later that day though and completed the second season of Supernatural.

I must be an emotional masochist.

Also - far too emotionally involved int he lives of fictional characters.

How are you all dealing? Maybe we need a support group.


  1. I'm not - as I think I've discussed with you before - a fan of Game of Thrones. I read the first book, and hated almost every character, and the way it was written, and the fact that it was 5,000,000 pages long. But DUDE. Knowing what goes down at that wedding as I do (courtesy of Snark Squad and much "OMG!!!"-ing on Twitter), watching All Hell Breaks Loose on top of that?? Wowsers. I'm not surprised you're having all the feels.

    1. I remember us talking about this in Orlando - and I totally understand!!!! There are times the books are really hard to get through, especially when you're in the middle of chapters about people you hate. I'm slightly concerned about the next book because I feel like there will be a lot of that. Sigh. But yeah... a lot of feelings. It's crazy.

  2. Anyone who has read the GoT books suffers from Schadenfreude. We've been through the massive feels, and we're waiting for everyone else to suffer, too. Mostly so that they finally understand the pain of EVERYONE YOU LOVE SUFFERING. And when everyone else finally gets there, we giggle with delight because now, finally, we're all suffering together.

    And Em, a tip that helped me with the next book is to look at the whole series as one storyline. George R.R. Martin is definitely a big picture kind of guy, and that's the way GoT is written. If book 3 is the climax of the story so far, then book 4 is the falling action, the consequences of all the crazy stuff that went down in book 3.

    1. SCHADENDFREUDE! Taking pleasure in other peoples pain!

      And yes, I remember you saying that about the next book. I'm going to have to keep that in mind when I get to reading it. I'm excited to go on because I want to know what happens, but at the same time it'll be hard because not as much will be happening and it will probably be told from the perspective of PEOPLE I HATE.

  3. I've been trying to make my friends cry every day by posting Red Wedding memes on their Facebook. I'm a really good friend.

    1. Hahahahaha. I know that's not funny - but it really is.


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