Monday, June 24, 2013

Stupid Rain

I made it! I survived my crazy week of Vacation Bible School and tech for Romeo and Juliet!

Friday was awesome and I was surprised at how many people I knew came to see the show. Even two of my youth and their family came to see me, which really meant a lot to me. From what I can tell, everyone who came to see the show loved it.

Then... Saturday happened. That afternoon I texted my friend and cast-mate Michael because he said he might need a ride to the show that night.

Me: Do you need a ride tonight?

Michael: Yup, as long as you're not going up super early.

Me: I can go up whenever. What time are you thinking?

Michael: Whenever we absolutely have to. :-P Just come over right before and we'll head up.

Me: lol ok

Michael: :) So I heard its supposed to storm it's face off today. What do we do if it does?

Me: I have no idea. When is it supposed to storm?

Michael: Idk a friend who is wanting to come watch told me about it. I also have a farmer friend who was scrambling to get hay cut this past week because I guess the storm is supposed to be something big? idk

Nothing was on the radar, and our director hadn't said anything about it, so I decided not to worry. (Remember, this was a Shakespeare in the park sort of deal.) Well... that was a mistake.

We got to the theatre and the sky looked much darker than it should have. The wind started to change and sure enough, we were able to pack up our stuff and hide in the car just in time for it to start pouring rain and we had to cancel our last performance.

I was so sad. It's fine having one performance, nothing is wrong with that. But when you don't expect it, there's no closure to the show and it's such a disappointment. My phone was blowing up with text messages from friends asking if the show was still on and I had to tell them no.

Thankfully, Michael invited me (and Bandit!) over to his house so we could read some scripts he was working on. I immediately accepted the distraction from my mourning over the show. Because we all know that if I was by myself, I probably would have just cried all night.

I almost cried every time someone at church asked me about it the next day as well.

But, I do know we had a great performance on Friday, and auditions for their next production are coming up soon. (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!) Also, my director and I are going to have some Supernatural marathons at some point. So... that's always a good thing!

In the meantime... here are some pictures I stole from our groups Facebook page of our one night show:

I also decided to drown my sorrows Sunday night with watching West Side Story. Because you know... when you're sad about Romeo and Juliet a musical version from the 60's is the perfect solution. Right?


  1. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that ur second show was rained out. I was thinking about u all weekend hoping that the show was going well.

    1. It's SO DEPRESSING. Stupid rain. And we've had enough of that this week already! Blah. But it did go well on Friday, so at least there's that.

  2. That was such a disappointment for many people. One performance after all that work. On the bright side, you got a new theater group off the ground! That's no easy task! I'm looking forward to Joseph!

    1. I'm still so sad about it! She thought about rescheduling, but not everyone could make it this next weekend. :( But Joseph is going to be awesome! Are you auditioning?????


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