Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting Again

There's something refreshing about switching over your calendar to a new year.

While I may be sitting here in my office, at the same computer, in the same building, with the same clutter covering my desk, there is still a feeling of starting fresh. Maybe it's because after my vacation my "to-do" list hasn't filled up as much as I had thought it would. Instead, I'm using my time for advanced planning, goal setting, making connections, and daydreaming of what 2013 will hold.

Part of me wants to run away from New Year's Resolutions so I can stay away from the cliches.

However, I can't help but think about what I want to accomplish in the next year and figuring out ways to start fresh.

It's somewhat of a long list, but these are all things I really need to work on in 2013.


The Blog/The Internet

  • Put more thought into my blog. While I've had some good posts in 2012, and have had a lot of fun, I feel as though I've lost some of the heart this blog originally had. When I post something, I want to it to be done well and thought out. Yes, still do some fun surveys and link-ups and such, but also really make this site something I'm proud of. Content, design, etc.
  • Put more work into the River City Players Facebook page. At the end of 2012 I was made an administrator for the RCP page. So far I haven't been doing much with it - that'll change now that it's 2013.
  • Work on other projects. I have a small list of projects that I have seriously neglected. Some are collaborations with other people, some are personal.
  • Be more present on 20 Something Bloggers. I love that site and it was one of the best things I've ever done for my blog. However, I've been basically non-existent on there. This needs to change.


  • Start the youth calendar over from scratch. Thankfully, this is something I have already gotten a jump start on. Our next high school youth night I'm telling them all to bring their calendars and we are going to sit down and plan out what they want to do according to what works for them. Even if it means not having youth group every Sunday night. It's kind of a scary concept, but if we can pull it off I think it'll be awesome.
  • Get back to sending Text Message Devotions. We started this in the fall and LOVED it - then I got lazy. That needs to stop.
  • Re-connect with families and youth. I was going to schedule one-on-one family get-togethers in the fall and it never happened. My favorite ways to connect with the youth and their families is outside of church activities and I've been failing in that area lately.

  • Figure out what I want. I know this is broad, and a person never knows 100% what they want, and a lot of times God will move you and do things in your life you don't expect. But I'm tired of wandering around all "I have no idea what I want in life." I need to figure it out.
  • Get back to doing yoga everyday. It has become apparent that I've lost weight. I have no idea how this happened, but it has, which is awesome. But I stopped exercising months ago. I figure that since I'm already losing weight, I should tone up now. Besides, I love yoga, it helps me relax, and it's one of the only things that makes my back feel good.
  • Be friendlier. Since moving to Cape Girardeau, I've become a hermit. I used to be really friendly, I loved making new friends and filling up my social calendar. Lately though, I've noticed that I'm not as friendly as I used to be. I feel as though I wear a sign on my head that says: "LEAVE ME ALONE. DON'T TALK TO ME." That sign is coming down.
  • Get a better control on my finances. Now that I'm in an apartment I can afford, my financial life has become much better. However, it still needs a lot of work.
  • Go on more adventures. This one will have a good start, since I'm visiting some blog friends in Orlando at the end of the month. (SO EXCITED!) I also feel like I did a decent job at this in 2012 with New York and everything  Yet, after that I feel it will be hard to keep up the momentum. Even if it's just small little adventures here in town. I need to experience life and not just wait around for something to happen.

Eek. I'm already getting overwhelmed by this list. I hope I can do it...

Also, I'm thinking of taking up some of these 10 habits. Thoughts?

What are some of your goals for 2013?

Also- tune in later for when I ask for ideas/feedback/suggestions for the blog. I really would love to hear your opinions!


  1. I'm a total sucker for the new year. I know it's arbitrary, but I love the fresh start feeling it brings. I can't help but look forward and resolved, etc.


    You're right about 20sb. I need to be better about signing on there. I found so many friends there, and some of them have even left blogging! I think it's time to reach further beyond my current circle and find some new blogs too.

    See you soon! ;)

    1. I know. I'm such a terrible 20sb'er. But I did comment on 3 WHOLE FORUMS YESTERDAY. Aren't you proud? Haha. But yeah, I've met so many bloggers through there (like you... Kirstie... ya know) and it's time I started branching out and networking again.


  2. I am a list maker too!! Clean slate are always a good if only I could manage to clean off my desk.

    1. RIGHT? My desk is a nightmare. Once a month or so I tend to go through an afternoon where I just clean off my desk and throw everything away. I'm thinking I need to do that sooner rather than later.

  3. This sounds like a good set of goals to work towards for the year. :)

    1. Thanks! It's a lot bigger of a list than I thought it would be. But hopefully I can do it!


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