Monday, January 21, 2013

This Is What I Get For Being Responsible And Getting My Flu Shot

Ah the weekend. A time to hang out, chill, and relax.

Or get sick and still be running around all over the place. Whatevs.

These are my best friends this lovely Monday morning.

Coffee (cause you know... it's me), hand sanitizer cause everyone at work is terrified
of getting sick by me, and DayQuil. It's a party in my office today!
Yup. The fateful flu caught hold of me over the weekend. It all started Friday morning when I rose from my bed and could tell my throat wasn't quite feeling the way it normally does. It was the perfect reminder for me to get that pesky flu shot Pastor Short keeps bugging me about. Last week he even told me to not come back to work until I had it. (Too bad I didn't take those words to heart- I could have had all last week off of work!) So I popped in some DayQuil and headed over to Walgreens. Well... that may not have been a wise choice.

First, that shot made my arm bleed like WHOAH. They said it wasn't as bad as it looked, but I had some very pretty red stains on my arm for awhile until I was able to get home and wash it off and the nurse (or was it pharmacy lady since I was at Walgreens?) had to keep running to get more cotton swabs. Lovely. It's a good thing I've had blood taken from me several times and the sight of it doesn't make me sick or anything. My arm was sore though for at least the next 24 hours.

Did that stop me from doing what I needed to? Of course not! That evening I had an audition for the next play with the River City Players. Normally, I hate auditions. This one though was perfect! The official auditions are actually on Sunday the 27th - but I'm gong to be in ORLANDO that day! (Yup! It's going to be amazing. More on that later.) So the director told me to come by her house on Friday to sing my song and do a cold reading while helping her open a nice bottle of pink champagne.

I've decided all auditions need to happen in this manner.

Also, somehow I was able to sing the song with a sore throat. Win.

From there I went to one of the local Lutheran elementary schools for their Scholar Bowl kick-off. To start the weekend they do a fun trivia night, and I get to be the MC/trivia questions asker. While I could tell my health was declining, it was a blast. But afterward I went home to catch up on Greys Anatomy. Yup. Fun and exciting Friday night for this girl.

The next day (health-wise) wasn't much better. My throat continued to hurt and my nose got all stuffy and gross. BUT the morning started out with the most epic Skype date with my friend Laura. I don't know why, but Saturday mornings are my favorite times for Skype dates. Something about being able to lounge around at home, not having to do anything, and video-chatting with someone is completely delightful. This was followed by laying on the couch watching Vampire Diaries.

However - no lounging around for long for this girl. Who cares if I'm getting sick and I'm regretting that silly flu shot! Saturday night was the Abbot awards for the River City Players and I had to head to the bar that afternoon to help set up. Of course, I stopped by the gas station to get a vanilla coke and spilled vanilla all down my arm. My arms just didn't have good luck this weekend.

When I got home after that, I had full intentions of resting for the remainder of the afternoon until I had to go back to the bar, and I did to an extent...

I watched Pitch Perfect. Which was awesome! I finally understand why everyone loves this movie so much.

I know everyone loves Fat Amy, I do too, but Lilly was my favorite. And, source.
However, I didn't rest as much as I thought because I was too busy planning my outfit and makeup for the night's events.

Which was so much fun!

The play where I had a lead (The Smell of the Kill. I played Molly and got to kill my husband and play with a gun) won the best show. We were so excited! Here I am with part of the cast (our co-director moved to Chicago, and the other two guys in the play were not there):

Then I personally won two awards. I won "Unsung Hero" and "The Presidents Award." My trophies are now on display in my window box along with my "Artie" award I got in college. Any chance you think people will mistake these for "real" awards? Cause that would be awesome.

However, while the party lasted until midnight - I only lasted until 9:30. Once we did photos and such I was out. I wanted to stay longer so I could chat with my friends and dance the night away... but my sickness was finally getting the better of me.

Then Sunday came. I woke up thinking it was Monday. Which is never a good sign. I was in a cloud all morning, which wasn't good since I had to teach two Sunday school classes AND we had a big congregation meeting after the third service. I spent a majority of the morning trying to stay away from people as I possibly could so I wouldn't breath on them too much and spread my germs, while still trying to teach. That's talent right there friends.

I also was able to share with my Jr. High class that I was going to go play in Hogwarts on Thursday. One of my 8th grade girls is INSANELY jealous and I promised her I would take pictures and send them to her.

I love that the youth I work with are geeks like me.

When I was finally able to leave church I called my favorite deli to pick up some chicken tortilla soup, scarfed that down, and then drove to a friends house to do laundry. I need clean clothes for ORLANDO after all!

I may or may not do some blogging/vlogging from the airport to catch you all up on my latest traveling adventures. SO EXCITED!

While I did laundry, my friend let me take a nap. However, I ended up watching Pitch Perfect. Again.

Which brings me to this morning. Still not feeling better. My nose is runny, my eyes are watery, and my ears keep popping. Pastor Mark demanded that I go see the doctor before I get on a plane on Wednesday. Thankfully the nurse practitioner is in today and can see me at 9:45. Eeek. It's 9:20. I should probably get going.

So... here's hoping for one or more of these options:

A) I finally learn what it means to rest and get better

B) The nurse drugs me up so much I don't even notice I'm sick

C) Someone does some laying on of hands and I get to have a cool miracle thing happen.

Also- one of the blogs I follow is doing a book club. You all should join!

Happy Monday!



  1. Wow, congratulations on winning those awards!

    But I am officially phobic of the flu jab. My doctor tells me I need one at the start of every winter because I have quite bad asthma, but I'd never had flu in my life until the week after I had my first injection. And I've only ever caught it since on the years when I've remembered to go and have it again. I just don't think it works so well for me.

    Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Thanks! I was so surprised to win them, and it was a big honor.

      And I wish I didn't have to take the flu shot, but pastor (aka, boss) is really big on them and it's almost a requirement for us. Sometimes I can get away with not having it, but usually that's not the case. Boo!


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