Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Lot of Lists and Fan Girling

While you are reading this, I will be:

A) Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight

B) At my friend Chelci's preparing to leave for the airport

C) Sitting on an airplane

D) Arriving in ORLANDO to see Alice, Kirstie, and Lor.

E) Sleeping

That's right friends - I'm heading to Orlando this week!


Kirstie of A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings is in the country this week (she's from Australia... so this doesn't happen often) so some of us are meeting in Orlando to go play.

I am so excited. Which, may be a surprise to some of you because I haven't been squealing and flailing about it the way I did when I went to New York last spring. I haven't been posting about it for a few reasons.

1) For NYC I wrote a post about packing... do I really need to do that again?

2) I've been to Orlando before and I'm staying with someone who lives there. Therefore, I'm not terrified of getting lost.

3) I've been to Florida before.

4) I've been busy and been posting blogs about other things.

5) I was seeing Newsies. My first Broadway show EVER.

6) I had always wanted to go to New York.

7) I'm also sick this week. Yuck. (But feeling better! The doctor gave me drugs and I'm feeling less zombie-ish. Which is a step up.)

However - this trip is going to be EPIC in spite of my being sick. I'm meeting Lor and Kirstie for the first time IN REAL LIFE. I love meeting my blog friends and I don't get to do it enough. So this is going to be awesome.

Also- we're going to The Magical World of Harry Potter.


And you all know how much I love my main man Harry. Basically, I'm like fan-girl Ginny when it comes to Harry Potter.

Why is it that I'm more prone to use A Very Potter Musical people at times in reference to HP
than I am to the actors in the movie? And, source.

I haven't been there yet. I was in Florida a couple of years ago for a conference and I kept seeing signs for the park and I was SO SAD that I couldn't afford it and I didn't have time to go. Then last year a friend invited me to road trip with her there, but due to my work schedule I couldn't join in on the fun. It was SO DEPRESSING.

Yes, we'll be going to one of the Disney parks as well this week... but I've done that before. (Although I"m hoping the 3rd time is the charm for meeting Snow White...) I'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE MAGICAL WORLD OF HARRY POTTER BEFORE. Just... AUGH it's going to be so amazing.

Everyone I've talked to has told me that I'm going to love it.

Here's hoping I don't pass out from excitement.

I'm also hoping I'm over this stupid being sick thing.

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  1. Feel better soon! Enjoy the south :) I haven't been to Florida in years. Come to Houston sometime!! ;)


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