Friday, June 1, 2012

May's Soundtrack

I'm a little behind this month - so I'll have my introductory post for June's theme (Art That Touches My Soul) on Monday!

In the meantime... here are the top 10 songs that I've been jamming out to this month:

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York... duh. Naturally I've been listening to this one a lot.

Don't Rain on My Parade - as sung by Lea Michelle. I was going to do the original Barbra Strisand version, but I just wanted to show everyone that Lea Michelle can sing live. ;)

I've Just Seen A Face, originally by the Beatles - but this is the Across the Universe version. Did anyone else simply LOVE this scene in the movie?

Of course, my girl Lady Gaga singing Marry the Night

Tearin Up My Heart by NSYNC - yup, still kind on an NSYNC kick lately. Stop judging me.

Sex and the City Theme - I could help but think of Carrie and her friends as I walked the streets of NYC!

Tonight from West Side Story. I got this from Netflix this week after waiting MONTHS AND MONTHS for it!

Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Not that I'm promoting getting drunk and partying- but this is such a fun video! I love all of the random cameos (especially members of the Glee cast!)

Nothing to Remember sung by Neko Case for the Hunger Games Soundtrack. Even now that the movie has been out for awhile, I still LOVE this album!

On My Own from Les Miserables as sung by Samantha Barks for the 25th Anniversary. I can't WAIT for the movie!!!!!! Is anyone else praising God that Samantha Barks will be Epionine and NOT Taylor Swift?

So what's on your soundtrack for May? What music have you been playing non-stop lately?


  1. I love Frank Sinatra so much. Any time that I want to relax, I can just open up one of his songs on YouTube and chill. The man had a very soothing voice. Major props for the Across The Universe video...I haven't watched that movie in a long time, but they did such a good job with the Beatles covers.

    1. Frank Sinatra... sigh. I love him.

      And yeah Across the Universe!!!!! I LOVE that movie and they really did do a great job with putting a new spin on the classic Beatles songs but also keeping with the heart of the music. AMAZING.


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