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The Perfect Photo- Guest Blogger

Emmy's Note: Today's guest blogger is one of my sponsors this month - Mindy! I have a soft spot for photography myself, so I love that Mindy talks about it today! While I'm not a professional photographer or anything, I hardly ever go anywhere without my camera. (The teenagers on trips are always rolling their eyes because I'm snapping pictures of them all of the time!) Mindy also gave links for her blog, Pinterest, email, Facebook, and Twitter. So go check her site out!

Hello! I'm Mindy, from My Life As Mindy and I am so grateful to be a guest today! I tend to write about a lot of different things, but I really love just writing. When Emily gave me the topic of 'Art That Touches My Soul', I was so excited! I knew this was a topic that I would love exploring. 

{Taken by a former student}

Art is an amazing thing. It can bring people together or draw them a part. It can be beautiful to one person and something of disgrace to another. It has been said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. This is true for many things, but especially for Art. 
There are many forms of art. 

music, photographs, paint, digital, dance and lyrics 

This is all considered art. 

{Taken with Kodak point and shoot digital}

Art has been a part of my life for many years. I have always enjoyed drawing {even though I can’t draw more then a stick figure}. I love creating. When I was in 6th grade, I started participating in choir and continued through high school. I truly believe that this is what kept me out of trouble during all those years. {sigh}

{Taken with Cannon T3i}

However, the one aspect of Art that touches my soul is photography. When I was a Junior, my parents bought be a Cannon Rebel {35mm} and I began taking roll after roll of film. I love photography. I fell in love with taking the perfect photograph. 

I even started college with the dream of owning my own photography business. I got great grades when I was in photography classes and learned a lot. I even have the back and whites that I developed myself hanging in my living room. The more in-depth I got into the photography field, the more I found out that dreams change and it wasn’t for me. I still love learning about photography. 

{Taken with a Kodak point & shoot}

I used a Kodak point and shoot camera for years. It isn't about the equipment you use, but how you use it. Look at the work of Ansel Adams. He didn't use any of the equipment we have today and he became one of the most well know photographers of this century. 

In April 2011, I got a Cannon Rebel t3i digital camera. It is amazing. There are so many components to working with it, but it is something that I try to continue to get better at. Digital photography is something new for me to figure out. 
I try to set goals for myself, so I continue to get better. I know I get more complements on up close shots of flowers, but I need to work on posed photographs. Recently, I took some of a friend who wants to use them for her Senior photographs. I am surprised at how many turned out so well. They look amazing! 
{Taken with a Kodak point & shoot}

One thing I have learned is that I will take a lot of pictures, but only a few will turn into great photographs. I think that is what makes me feel like a photographer. Someone who can tell the difference between a just a picture and a photograph that has depth & meaning. It doesn't have to be a perfect, in focus and makes you a lot of money. It is something that you would be proud to hang in your living room. 
What art touches your soul? How do you interpret the beauty around you? 

I would love for you to come visit me in my part of the world. You can always find me at My Life As Mindy, Facebook, Pinterest or e-mailing me at Mylifeasmindy{at}yahoo{dot}com!

I hope to chat with you soon! Thanks Emily, for letting me hang around today!

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