Friday, June 29, 2012

June's Soundtrack

It's the end of June (Already! Crazy!) so here are my top ten songs that I've been listening to this month.

Also - I'm sorry the blog has been taken over by guest posts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having guest posts because I can feature some really great bloggers. However, I feel like I've barely written anything myself lately. I've been busy so it's been hard to think of actual blog posts to write. Hopefully this will change soon.

As I said, summer is my craziest and busiest time of year. School is out and that means the teenagers have A LOT of time on their hands - so youth activities are in full swing, and therefore my music is being controlled by a lot of high school students.

Thankfully they don't have too terrible of taste. ;)

On our way back from 6 Flags we totally jammed out to this:

Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls

And of course.... they play this song A LOT.

Carly Rae Jepson- Call Me Maybe

Thanks to my trip to NYC and the Tony Awards, I've been BROADWAY CRAZY! More so than usual at least. 

I've fallen in love with this song from Newsies. Melt my heart.

Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay- Something to Believe In
I'm also really loving "Brooklyn's Here" from the show. Maybe it's because I've always had a thing for Spot Conlon.

Spot in the movie. And... source.
Tommy Bracco who plays Spot on Broadway. And... source.
I also can't stop listening to the soundtrack for Once. If Newsies had to lose at the Tonys, I'm glad it was Once

Steve Kazee- Gold

And last week at church was VBS... so naturally I had those songs running through my head ALL MONTH.

Group VBS - Sky 2012- "Fly" 
I really enjoyed this song though, even if it was for kids.

Say what you will about the Twilight movies - but they have some awesome soundtracks. They are staples on my iPod and I love them. This song is one of my favorites. Also, is it bad that I JUST realized this week that this song was by Ce Lo Green? I didn't think I was a big fan of him, but apparently I am. ::face palm::

Cee Lo Green- What Part of Forever

I was so proud when the teenagers sang along with this song when we played it in the car...

The Beatles- Help!

Is it weird that I'm also on an Anastasia kick? Which I found out this week - IS BECOMING A STAGE PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Marx and Donna Lewis - At the Beginning

This is a favorite of our youth group. We sang it last summer at BigStuf and it was one of our VBS songs this year.
Chris Tomlin- Our God

Um.... I just discovered this the other day.
It's the best thing you've ever heard, right? Right.

So... what songs are you listening to? Are you totally judging me by the teenagers taste in music?

And a bonus video- this is Ryan Steele (he plays Specs in Newsies) and is one of the most AMAZING dancers I've ever seen. When I saw the show I couldn't stop watching him. I stumbled across this video and WOW! Also, this cover of "Chasing Cars" is awesome.

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