Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Million Little Somethings

I want to introduce to you all my January Sponsor Swap partner - Kayleigh! She is one of my newest friends here on Love Woke Me Up This Morning, and so far I've really enjoyed getting to know her. Kayleigh is even going to contribute to the topic of the month and I might do a guest blog on her site as well. We will keep you posted!

Hello dearies!! My name is Kayleigh and I am currently trying to get used to the frigid Wisconsin winter. After 24 years, you think I would be used to it . . . but whatever!! For a day job, I work as a caregiver for adults with special needs. I love what I do but it is really high stress and I work a lot. So to relax I love to write!! I started the blog as an outlet for my writing . . . and found a dear friend! I write about my life, my thoughts, my faith, what I am reading or watching . . . just about everything! I spend my free time talking to friends, reading, watching movies/tv and trying to cross things off of my before-30 list! I live in a tiny little apartment that doesn't allow pets so for now I am content to crochet (sometimes), paper-craft (if I feel like it) and water my plants (when I remember). I am very committed to growing in my relationship with God and trying to figure out what He has in mind for my life. But until He moves me, I will keep living the life He has given me . . . and blogging along the way. I like to look at life as being made up of a million little somethings . . . join me as I blog and try to take time to see the little somethings that make up everything!

Twitter: tonsofsomething

So go check Kayleigh's blog and send her some love!

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