Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stig- Guest Blogger

Hi, Love Woke Me Up This Morning readers! I'm Kathy from That's What She Said and I'm really happy to share my unlikely inspiration with you today.

I am inspired by normal things such as books, music, and the people in my life. But I have to say that my biggest inspiration is my dog, Stig. He is the sweetest little dog. At three years old, he has a pretty rough life. He was abandoned by his original family then picked up by a shelter that marked him to be put down. He was rescued by foster parents then came to us. Life seemed to be good then, but a few months he had his first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. 

I'm telling you this because despite all of this. Stig is one of the happiest dogs I know. He is so easy to please. When both of his people are home, all he wants to do is be near us and that makes everything better.

I think there is a lot to learn from him. I want to be happy simply being around the people I love and not worrying about things that have happened in the past or things that will happen. It may sound strange, but my dog really does inspire me to remember the simple pleasures in life.

Thanks for having me Emmy!

Emmy's Note: I was so excited when Kathy (who sponsored me in December) decided to share her story - and it was about her dog! My own dog (Bandit) is also a rescue puppy and he inspires me too! He's the happiest little dog in the world and I love him to bits. Also - it turns out Kathy is going to be having a major neck procedure on Monday. She explains it all on her blog. Won't you go on over there and leave her some love and encouragement? I'm sure she needs it. You can also find her on Twitter @KathyHS87

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  1. I love it when people adopt animals with stories behind them. What a beautiful little guy!

  2. Emmy,

    Because your writing has had a positive influence on my life, I am extending my thanks by nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can find more information here:

    Thanks for all you do!


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