Monday, January 23, 2012

Magic- Guest Post

Emmy's Note: I'm so glad that my sponsor for January decided to write a guest post for the theme of "Unusual Inspiration!" She is so wonderful and if you haven't checked out her blog yet you really need to! Don't forget that if you want to post for January you still can, just email me. Also - February is right around the corner which means I am open for a new sponsor swap partner AND the next theme will be coming up!

Since Emmy posted her great idea of having themes and guest posts for 2012 I have been trying to think of what unlikely inspiration to write about for this month.

My problem? I have trouble not being inspired by everything. I think I have this way of looking differently at the world that causes my thought processes to just be so different. Just this morning before I blogged, I was greatly inspired by the fact that sunflowers follow the sun as the day goes by. Things that some people would not see or see and just say "cool" are the things that I find making my days better or changing the way that I think about things.

Magic doesn't exist in the same way that it does in fairy tales, but I like to think that when God can take one tiny little thing...and use it to make me smile, impact my life or make me think that is the magic of my life. I think the fact that I see things that most people miss is a great gift from God. I can pull a metaphor out of my cloche hat and I keep allegories in my back pocket. I love being able to explain things using anecdotes based on my little inspirations. 

I think the trick about being inspired is being open to taking the time to see what life has to offer, even when you don't feel like. Because if you are you never knew when some of the little inspirations will make you day or could change your life. My blog is called A Million Little Somethings. I called it that because I realized that if you take the time to see the millions of "little somethings" in your life you may come to find that they make up everything. 

So take time to see something you weren't looking for never know when it will be the inspiration you ARE looking for!


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