Monday, May 16, 2011


Today one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Lankford, guest blogged for a friend of hers.

The premise is to list 10 Things That Make Your Life Fantastic.

To be totally honest - I think I'm going through another funk. It happens to all of us at times. Those times in life where we really have to search for things that make life fantastic. Because what if it simply isn't fantastic at the moment?

I'm not even saying that it's the times when life is horrible - but even the times when it's just boring. It can be difficult to find things about life that are fantastic.

I'm going through one of those phases.  Whenever I see my friends, family, or even when the baristas at Starbucks ask me how I am, I feel like my answer is always something along the lines of:

I'm exhausted

I'm busy

I'm doing OK

Can I have a vacation?

And I think they notice, which makes me sad.

So I'm going to try and think of 10 Things That Make My Life Fantastic. I need to remind myself of some of the amazing things and people that God has put in my life.

The Love Drop Team that reminds me daily that love is everywhere

Seeing posts like this on my Facebook wall right when I need it: 

Having a mom who is willing to come visit for a weekend and see my play two nights in a row

Spending almost every night with the most amazing cast & crew for nearly 3 months

Slowly I really am making friends here in Missouri. Friends that will come see my play, jump at the chance to join me and 19 teenagers on a trip to Florida over the summer, help me organize my life, and are understanding when I want to do when I visit is sit on their dorm futon and not think, or are willing to sit on the phone and just listen.

Being able to visit Chicago this weekend and celebrate with one of my life long friends

My dog Bandit waking me up in the morning

A roommate who is willing to bake muffins for the Faith County cast

Watching old episodes of Boy Meets World

Going to youth's graduation parties and being reminded that yes - I do make a difference 

So, what makes your life fantastic?



    Sorry, excitement over. And clearly that's not the most significant thing on that list. A good list, by the way! That facebook message is beautiful :)

  2. I feel funkish too.

    But some things in my life that are fantastic are:

    1. My boss is on vacation so it's kind of like I'm on vacation too.

    2. All my blog posts are planned for the week so I can focus on my organizing class.

    3. My husband finally caught the mouse living in my oven so now I can bake again without fear.

  3. Yes!! Keep that list going! I made one, and then I couldn't stop so I make a list like this every day before I go to bed!


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