Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Other Box - Part 1

The last few months, I've become completely immersed into the Internet/Blogging world. (Thank you 20sb and Love Drop!) It's been so much fun reading different blogs, hearing about people's lives, and getting to know each writers own "voice" through their blog and/or Twitter.

From what I've noticed, there then to be certain "types" of bloggers. (I want to note that all of the blogs I'm mentioning are some of my FAVORITES and I love them!)

Lifestyle - this can cover a lot of areas. Sometimes it's sharing your day-to-day life, or giving tips for shopping, cooking, raising children, or telling crazy stories. Sometimes fashion blogs fit into this category. A good example would be my friend Leslie's blog:

Finance- helping YOU to make sure you don't go broke! Such as:

Humor- taking the mundane and helping you realize that life is HILARIOUS! One of my favorites is:

Hot Topics/Political- they have an opinion (and a strong one at that) on nearly EVERYTHING and get you thinking about things you may not have before. I don't now if she labels her blog in this category - but I feel like it fits.

Video Blogs (vlogs)- You actually get to see and hear the person!!!!! It's like you're actually there! She may not have EVERY post as a video- but she gets pretty close.
The Inspirational Blog- The blogs that move you to tears or the desire to change the world with every post. Like PM2:

The Thinking Blog- Deep, deep, theological and/or philosophical blogs that challenge your brain (and sometimes give you a headache)

The Photo Blog- Where it's OK if you don't know how to read. This one could probably fit into "lifestyle", but she puts a lot of pictures in.

Dating Blog- where we learn about other people's love lives and get tips and insights about love, dating, marriage, and sex. Like this one:

I'm sure there are more - but I feel like that's enough and you get my point. But I can't help but wonder - what sort of blog do I write?

Lifestyle- I GUESS mine would fit into this category. Although, while I sometimes share observations of life, I have no desire to bore you to tears with the mundaneness of my day-to-day life. I also don't really have many tips for life to give you. My fashion sense is getting better - but I'm no fashionista by any means. I think you ALL know that you don't want ANY cooking advice from me. And I don't have children - so I'm not qualified to give you advice on how to raise your kid.

Finance- Um... no. This is the girl who spends WAY too much money at Starbucks, itunes, and books to give you any sort of insight into the financial world. That's why I read Budgets Are Sexy. Because J$ knows A LOT more than I do!

Humor- I've been told that some of my blogs are funny, especially about my cooking disasters, but I don't think that qualifies me for a humor blog.

Hot Topics/Political- I've touched on some of these topics, but I honestly don't know enough about politics to write it down.

Video Blogs- This is a new one for me, and they seem to be going well. Yet, I hardly qualify to be labeled as a Vlogger.

Inspirational Blog- I've dabbled in this area too. Which fits since I'm a youth minister. But I wouldn't really say my blog OVERALL is inspirational. Unless you get inspired to run away from kitchens.

Thinking Blog- Well... if you start to think about topics I've written about that's great! But.... I tend to use smaller words than most "thinking" blogs.

Photo Blog- I'm a decent photographer and I try to include pictures in my posts. Yet, I use way too many words.
This is the kind of camera I have

Dating Blog- Um.... considering my "love life" is pretty much non-existent. While I'm willing to give you my insights on occasion, I'm by no means the next Carrie Bradshaw. (Who isn't even a real person, as much as some of us wish she was.)

Thinking about all of this- it makes me feel a little out of place. What about the rest of us? What about those of us who don't really "fit" into a certain category? Is there a place in the blogging world for people like me who are just kind of all over the board, or dabble here and there in certain areas?

What happens to those of us who are out of the box? What about those of us who would have to check the box "other"? 


  1. I've often thought about this before Emily! I like that you put a "type" with my blog, because I've always heard that to have a successful blog you need to stick to a certain subject. I would definitely say you're blog is a lifestyle blog as well!

  2. I haven't been reading long enough to know what you fit into, but I just wanted to say I love hyperboleandahalf so much :D

  3. I would deem mine to be "inspirational"- at least, that's my intent, I don't know whether anyone finds it that way...

  4. I <3 LoveDrop, in fact that's how I found your blog! I love the coffee background, I'm sipping a cup right now!

    I totally love reading different blogs- my Google Reader is totally overloaded...but what I love more is making connections with other bloggers, that's by far the best part! I hope to get to know you better, see you around LoveDrop!

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