Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lady Bug

By now- most of you know that I am actively involved with an organization called Love Drop. 
I can't say enough good things about Love Drop and the people involved. Through the forums (and Twitter!) the people on the team are becoming my friends. Nate and J$ are two of the most amazing guys around, and wake up every morning (or stay up all night) ready to change the world. One person and family and dollar at a time. ]

Because that's what it's all about. Because when we want change, REAL change, it's all about the individual and helping others where we are at. When this happens, the love spreads. It's contagious!
Since January, the Love Drop team has given an estimated total of $30,554 in money, goods, gift cards, services, and special trips to four families. WOW! If they can do that in only 4 months- imagine how much we can do in a year - five years - a decade. It's pretty amazing.
What's even more amazing is that you can subscribe and help - change a life - with only $1 a month.
That's it. 
Most Love Drop team members give about $5 a month. 
That's it.
The Stalnaker family is May’s Love Drop recipient. The Stalnakers live in the Gulf Coast area and have still not recovered since the BP oil spill.The main goal for the month is to get the Stalnakers a reliable used car. The two cars they’ve had have simply died, and the family is having trouble affording one as they continue to recover from the BP disaster. The Stalnakers are a loving and caring family who has helped many of their neighbors, and now the Love Drop team would like to repay that love and care in kind by providing them with reliable transportation. (She used to have a red VW Bug that she called her Lady Bug.) If you have connections with car dealerships, PLEASE contact the Love Drop team here
Here's the YouTube video so you can learn more about this amazing family: 
How can you help?
1.      Passing along this article, the video, and/or the Love Drop website. Like it to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email it to family and friends, or post it on your own blog.
And if you can afford to help out with this month’s sponsored family, help is always needed with…
2.     Getting the car. Love Drop would love to hear from car dealers or people who have a car to give! Again, you can contact them here.
3.      Donating money. Again, every dollar helps! You can donate here.
4.      Donating goods or services. Gift cards are especially helpful! Find out how to give here.

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