Friday, September 20, 2013

The Whisper

"You've heard the whisper," she told me and she leaned against the bathroom sink.

Only an hour or so earlier we had finished play rehearsal and had hung out in the bar downstairs for a little while. It was time to go home, but we had stopped in the bathroom before leaving. Her voice echoed in the room and she looked at me confidently.

"You know, God gives us a lamp for our path. The lamp will only show our next step, not the whole journey. If you've heard the whisper, then you need to listen and go."

It wasn't anything I hadn't heard before - I had been surrounded by church talk my entire life. I was familiar with conversations about God not showing us the whole picture of his plans and learning to trust in his voice guiding us. Although, it struck me in that moment how often I needed to be reminded, in spite of hearing it over and over again in life.

"He'll lead you and guide you. If he's given you the whisper, then he'll provide."

So... maybe I'm not so crazy after all.

Blogtember Prompt: React to this word - "comfort."

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