Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Could Tell You...

It amazes me how people can so easily and happily sum up their childhoods, their neighborhoods, their families, and where they come from.

They know exactly what and who it is that has made them who they are.

I have trouble defining things so precisely - especially in just a single blog post.

Where/What I come from?

It's a complicated answer.

I could tell you all about the South-Suburbs of Chicago and how growing up you knew which shopping malls to go to and which to avoid, where to get the best hot dogs, and what train you took to get downtown.

I could tell you about the small Lutheran church and school that was like my second home.

I could tell you about how my dad was a funeral director and my sister and I grew up living above the funeral home. We hosted sleepovers downstairs and walking through the preparation room was a daily occurrence.

I could tell you more about how I break and spent large chunks of my childhood in hospitals and made friends with doctors, nurses, and physical therapists.

I could tell you about my high school and how I was in marching band, choir, madrigals, theatre, and meeting so many people who were different than me.

I could tell you about my immediate family and our dog Josie. What my dad did, what my mom did, how we spent holidays, my relationship with my sister, and when we picked out our dog.

I could tell you about my mom's side of the family in Indiana and our frequent road trips to visit. Putting up Grandma's 9 foot Christmas tree every year the day after Thanksgiving, going to the single screen movie theatre, Grandpa buying us candy from Handy Andy's, big dinners with aunts, uncles, and cousins,  and playing on the stairs with my cousins at our grandparents old Victorian house.

I could tell you about my first experiences in theatre and music and writing and reading.

I could tell you about my childhood friends from school and my neighborhood filled with Halloween parties and long afternoons in the swimming pool on lazy summer days.

I could tell you about going to college and how much I loved my friends, classes, and professors.

I could tell you about moving to Missouri and my first "real adult" job.

But even then... I know I would be leaving something out. Our lives are like collages. Filled from edge to edge with snapshots, quotes, people, faces, places, and things. There are even pieces that we may not know about right that which make up who we are and where or what we came from. Taking even just one part would make the collage incomplete.

So where/what do I come from?

A lot of things and places and people. They're all equally important.


  1. This sounds far more interesting than anything I could come up with talking about my life. Like you though, I cannot explain where exactly I come from. I can tell you about my parents and all that but where exactly do I come from? Nope.

    1. I had a REALLY hard time with this writing prompt. Because I'm like "my life is really boring!" then once I thought about it I was all "how do I pick what to talk about?" I feel we all think our lives are boring, but when we really think about it, something pops up that is interesting. I'm sure your life and where you come from is really interesting too!

  2. I could never even begin to document all those little things! It's so difficult to exactly pinpoint to one thing and say, "Hey, this is what defines me". But you've done a great job; all those small, seemingly unimportant things go into making us, us.

    Akshita @ The Writer's Nest (http://readwriteloveblog.wordpress.com)

  3. "Our lives are like collages" - beautifully said.
    Looking forward to reading more from you, this Blogtember:)

  4. It took me a long time to realize the impact my sister has had in my life - as much as mom at times. Even though she is only 2 years older, she took on huge responsibilities as a teenager watching after 4 siblings. Sure, there was the good, bad and the ugly in our relationship over the years but more importantly she is very precious to me. Love my sis!

    1. Sisters are so important! I'm so glad that as the years have gone by you've seen how much of an impact she's had on your life. I love my sister too and she's so important to me!

  5. BTW, I totally agree with you! Life is a collage, and I think that is a great image!

  6. i agree; too many things happen that shape us and it's hard to sum it all up. my foundation is definitely my family but then after that..it's a bunch of things that i would never be able to put together in a single post.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. This is pretty awesome. You are right... there are SO many pieces to our puzzles.

  8. Really loved your post! It was so hard for me to figure out how to write mine -- I actually started it over like 3 times! I decided on mainly pictures since I just started blogging a few days ago and I wanted to let people "See" me more. There are so many sides to all of us and I think you captured it perfectly!

    Love from another Missourian ;)


  9. Love how you wrote this! Can't wait to read your post for this challenge.

  10. fantastic way to write it! That how I feel too it's to hard to sum up everything into one post. You did a fabulous job of getting it out though.

  11. Nicely written. It is hard to pinpoint a single part of your life to describe who you are. I'd like to think that everyday things happen that shape me.


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