Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Very Charlie Adventure

Day 3: Clouds, taken on Instagram (I'm LoveWokeMeUp)
Have you ever had a day that was solely for creativity? I did this past weekend.

Since it was Palm Sunday/Confirmation weekend I was pretty busy on Friday and Sunday- so when I had a day in between to relax I was really excited! Unfortunately, I didn't sleep in as long as I had hoped that morning. However - I'm glad I didn't because in my ibox I had email cake from You, Me and Charlie

The last week or so, You, Me and Charlie has been sending out daily emails to their users that they call "email cake." Just a quick little message to get your brain, heart, and creativity inspired! (You can sign up for their emails on the website.) On Saturday, they gave all of the "Charlies" a little adventure to go on and then to tweet about it using hashtags and photos . I figured  that since I didn't really have any other plans that day - why not?

One - have a #CharlieBrunch. I chose Cup 'n Cork in the downtown area of Cape. 

It was delicious! And I made friends with the guy working there. :D
Two- explore the surrounding 5 blocks. #CharlieOnTheBlock

My view from brunch
I ran into one of the members of my church and visited her at the antique store she was working at. 
The middle of the "square."
The river - after living here 4 years I still hadn't been walking along  the Missisippi before then!
Three- Notice your surroundings. #ThatsSoCharlie

I had realized as I wandered around downtown that Cape could be very relaxing and even have it's own little bit of magic on a Saturday morning.

Four- Call your best friend.

Five- Use the last sentence your friend said to you as a journal prompt. #CharlieSays

As I was doing this, I was unable to get a hold of some of my best friends. However, I did get to text a bit with my cousin who I found out that morning was pregnant! (And she announced it on Facebook today, so I figured it was okay for me to share on the blog!) The last thing she said to me was:

"Yup! So around Thanksgiving or Christmas we'll have a newborn for everyone to see!"


Six- When you go home, pick out a book that reminds you of your mom, open to a random page, and share the first line you see. #CharlieReads

I decided on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin because it's one of my all time favorite movies to watch with my mom! The quote I found was...

"More than once did Elizabeth in her ramble within the part unexpectedly meet Mr. Darcy."


It was at this point I took a quick break from my adventure and traveled to the next county for the musical the local Lutheran High School was putting on - Cinderella! I had a few teenagers in the show and some in the orchestra. They all did such a great job. I loved it! Especially all of the little girls dressed up in princess outfits. After the show they even let the kids go and meet the princess. Now I can't stop singing Cinderella songs. I particularly love this one (you might need to turn the volume up a bit):

---End Break---

Seven- Create a piece of artwork based on that quote. #CharlieArt

It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do for this. I don't draw or paint or scuplt or anything like that. I was already writing as well as sharing photos. So I decided to create a collage inspired by Pride and Prejudice. I even found a cute frame for it and it's now sitting on an end table in my living room!

I'm quite proud of this piece actually.
It was such a perfect day for creativity - exactly what my soul needed!

How have you been creative lately?

Also- don't forget about sharing what makes you laugh and I still need an April Sponsor Swap partner!


  1. Replies
    1. Sweet! I'll put your button on the blog then. (It's on your site, right?) Then just email me a short bio - and maybe a guest blog post?

  2. I love this idea! I just signed up for the newsletter. It's like you took a vacation in your town!

    1. I love getting my Charlie email cake everyday! Already it has become one of my favorite parts of my morning blog/email reading routine. I always save it for the last because I know it'll be the best!

  3. Emily, you are truly blessed in the ability to make those around you smile. Keep sharing and keep blogging.

  4. Looks like a fun day! It's always fun to do something you don't usually do in your home town :)

    I have an epic lack of creativity at the moment (unless you count piping shamrocks onto cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day!). I blame grad school... ;)

    1. I think piping shamrocks into cupcakes is REALLY creative. Also- you can cook, and I can't. So it works.

  5. That is an awesome idea for an adventure, and it sounds very refreshing! I would love to adopt something similar into my routine. I find that I am quite exhausted because I never take time to stop and enjoy the little pleasures in life. These Charlie Adventures seem to help one become more mindful of our shared human experience. I'm happy you had a great day!


    1. It was sooooo refreshing. I tend to complain about the town I'm living in quite often, so I know I don't take the time to explore and see the good things there as often as I should. So I really enjoyed my little adventure!


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