Monday, April 16, 2012

Fools of Ourselves- Guest Blogger

Emmy's Note: Yay! Another awesome guest post from my friend Leah. You can find her on Twitter here, and her blog here. I have to say, at first I was a tiny bit hesitant to post this because it's not exactly what I was thinking of when I said my theme of the month was "April Fools." But I decided to 1) it's a good post. 2) That's the beauty of the themes- you the readers can interpret them HOWEVER YOU WANT. I love that! We can take something, and turn it a million different ways and see it from so many points of view. That's one of the great things about love, it's not all the same, and neither are my friends, or the guest blog posts. 

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I'll admit, when Emily said her theme was "April Fools" my mind didn't immediately jump to things that make me laugh. What I actually thought of was all of the times I've made a fool out of myself. 

I don't know about you, but my mind is a steep trap for those things. When I think I've just forgotten all my most embarrassing moments, my subconscious likes to knock me down a flight of stairs, figuratively speaking. It begins to rattle off all of the stupid things I've said and done, to play a movie of the most embarrassing parts of my life. 

Like that time (or two or ten or a hundred) when I said that stupid thing to that one person.
Or that time in middle school when my crush told me in front of a bunch of people that I needed Jenny Craig. (Note from Emmy - I want to punch that guy in the face. Leah is beautiful. I didn't know her in middle school, but she's beautiful now and I'm sure she was back then too.)
Or that time in middle school when that girl I hated hit me in the head with a softball.
Or that two dozen times in middle school when I let my best friend talk down to me. (Sensing a theme yet?)
Or that time when I let a boyfriend/coworker/family member made me feel as small as possible, and I didn't stand up for myself.
Or that time every day of my life when I tripped going UP the stairs.

When my mind constantly reminds me of these and a bunch of other things, I honestly find myself telling it to shut up.

Wait, did I just admit to the entire internet that I talk to myself? Go ahead and add that to the list.

Sometimes I wish life was like Harry Potter, particularly the part with the Pensieve. It would be nice if we could just take the bad memories out of our heads, all the heartache, all the embarrassment, all of the times we made fools of ourselves. We could just keep them in little glass vials and not be burdened by them.

It really is too bad our memories don't work like that. We just have to hang onto them, and try not to let them get us down.

The good part is that our friends, our real ones, don't care about how we make fools of ourselves. They'll reassure us and tell us it wasn't nearly that bad (because most of the time it's worse in our head than in real life), or they'll make a joke out of it to make us laugh.

Because the truth is, those embarrassing things from middle school? No one remembers them but me.

And all of the stupid stuff I say? We all say stupid things.

We all make fools of ourselves.

I suppose I just need to remember that the next time my subconscious insists on making me feel like crap for all of the foolish things I've done.


  1. A lovely post! I myself can't even remember my middle school years. I agree, it helps when your friends are there to help make you laugh. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hear ya. I was just thinking about this the other day. It seems like most people think of "embarrassing moments" as always being funny after the fact, like "I was so embarrassed that I'd farted in front of my crush!" But the things that I replay in my mind (I love the idea that if we had Pensieves it would be so much easier!) are things I'm truly embarrassed about -- hurtful or stupid things I said to others, mocking things people said to me, things I regret doing or not doing. Sometimes we make fools out of ourselves and there's nothing funny about it, it's just something we have to try to let go of and move on. Glad to know I'm not the only one that feels this way.


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