Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Days

Happy April!!!!!!

Which means... NEW THEME OF THE MONTH!

April's Theme is: April Fools

I know, I know... April Fools Day was yesterday. However, I usually don't blog on Sundays and considering it was Confirmation/1st Communion/Palm Sunday... getting a post up wasn't part of the plan.

Basically this month- make people laugh? Is there a meme out there on the internet that makes you crack up every time? Maybe you have a classic joke you like to share. Or maybe you and your friends had an epic prank war that you just have to share with someone! And who doesn't love those ridiculous videos we all stumble across on YouTube?

I want to know what makes you laugh!

Lately, I have been obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. A few weeks ago I found this meme that shares a theory Barney tells his group of friends.

It's perfect considering Sunday is Easter!

I don't know about you - but Barney cracks me up! There are days I feel like I need a friend like him in my life to keep things entertaining.

Send me things that make you laugh - and I'll be sure to post them this month! I also am still needing a sponsor swap buddy for April. Email me if you're interested!

Also- I think it's time for another 30 day challenge, don't you think? I just recently got an iPad and can't stop taking pictures with Instagram (I'm LoveWokeMeUp if you want to follow me), Therefore, a 30 Day Photo Challenge is perfect. I'm posting two photos today, considering that I missed yesterday.


Day 1, Self Portrait: 

I apologize for the lame/cliche bathroom self-portrait photo. But it's one of my most recent pictures and at the time I wanted to send a picture of my hair to someone as I was getting ready for the Abbot Awards (our community theatre awards ceremony).

Day 2, What I Wore Today

Okay, it's not exactly what I wore today. It's simply something similar that I created on Polyvore. But you get the idea. Nothing fancy today - just a typical Monday in the office. Also, I really need to do laundry so all of my favorite outfits are in the hamper at the moment.

What I Wore Today

Calypso St Barth long ribbed tank top
$55 -

American Vintage blue top
£44 -

Vince bermuda shorts
$195 -

Dune strappy gladiator sandals
£75 -


  1. I die a little everytime I read that meme...good stuff! Are the Abbot awards as fun as the Arties?

    BTW, your hair looks super cute!

    1. Its just so funny! The Abbot awards were fun - they could have had more poking fun at each other like we did at The Arties though! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I love Barney so much! Probably to an unhealthy level lol

  3. Emily I am Barney and I absolutely love How I Met Your Mother. I live to make people smile and laugh.

    1. I can totally see you as Barney! Which is why we need to live closer together


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