Friday, April 27, 2012

I Am Afghanistan

I've been following K.E. Argonza (K.Syrah)'s blog for over a year now. Probably for about as long as I have been a member of 20sb.

She and I are radically different.

However, in spite of our differences, we have so much in common as well, and I always look forward to her latest blog updates.

She is a soldier in the US Army and has spent the last several months in Afghanistan. It's been fascinating to read her stories and and look at the photographs she has taken while overseas.

So when she asked me this week to review her photo book I gladly took her up on it! While I'm not usually a blogger who writes reviews and promotes things like this, I knew I would want to share this with all of you!

The book is called I am Afghanistan - the Forgotten Faces of the Crossroads of the World.

The pictures are stunning.

What I love about K.E. Argonza is that she sees beyond the stereotypes, rumors, and "typical" images of the Afghan people and sees them as who they are. PEOPLE.

She truly gives you a glimpse into the heart of this country and their citizens. The women are not the timid and oppressed people you would think. As she says in the book - they are heroes.

The men are not the women haters we Americans tend to think they are. One of the quotes in the book shares how they were actually excited to share stories about their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters.

However, she does not shy away from sharing some of the harsh realities either. In almost every photo you see men with guns in their hands, barbed wire, and military presence. This is now surprising though, considering she is looking at the country from the point of view of one in the military.

What is stunning however, is that even though she was in the midst of war, she can see beyond it.

I encourage you all to download and check out her photo book. Let it open your eyes to the people of Afghanistan beyond the stereotypes that we tend to fear. See them as PEOPLE. Becuase ultimately, that is who they are. PEOPLE.

You can download it here: .

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