Monday, April 30, 2012

April Soundtrack

I don't know about you, but I feel like April went by incredibly fast. It's crazy that tomorrow is May. But I guess that's what happens when you work at a church and your month is consumed with Palm Sunday, Confirmation, Easter, and retreats.

Onto this month's soundtrack! Here's a peek into what I've been listening to this month...

Figuring out my soundtrack for April was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, because I actually have been listening to audio books recently. I took a quick road trip to Chicago at one point this month, and when I have long drives I like to listen to books.

The first one:

The next Sookie Stackhouse book comes out TOMORROW, and I felt I needed a refresher on what happened in the last book. It's always fun to listen to a book you've already read because it gives you a new perspective on the story and you pick up on things you didn't before.

I also have been listening to:
To be honest - I love the movies but have never read the books. (I fail as a geek, I realize this.) So I decided to try listening to it for long road trips. I wasn't sure how it would go - but so far I'm LOVING it! Also, they sing a lot in this book. I feel like I'm listening to a musical.

Now onto actual music that has been pouring out of my speakers when I'm not listening to fantasy/science-fiction/vampire books...

I was hanging out with Brizzane one day and as we were dying her hair we decided to put on the Backstreet Boys greatest hits. Half of these songs I didn't even remember existed, but I somehow found myself singing along - and with harmony! What's crazy is that while I like BSB back in the day, I was more of an NSYNC fan. I think my inner jr. high girl possessed by body for the afternoon.

Every year at Easter this is the song that I first hear. I have to get up super early that day to help with the Easter Breakfast, and this always gets me going on the right foot - and it's become one of my favorite parts of Easter morning!

I'm in love with this song, and it reminds me of one of the stories I'm writing. It's one of the songs I listen to as I work on the story.

This song from the Hunger Games soundtrack is so completely haunting and beautiful and just... wow. I'm in love with it.

We did devotions/Bible study based on these songs in youth group this month, so they've been stuck in my head.

I'm decorating a table inspired by Hairspray for a friend's wedding this week - so I've been getting some inspiration!

Also- since tomorrow is MAY I'll be needing a new SPONSOR SWAP BUDDY, introducing the next theme of the month, AND tomorrow is the 20sb vlog day. So stay tuned and contact me if you are interested in guest blogging and/or being a sponsor swap buddy. 

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  1. I've been wanting to try and listen to an audio book, but I'm not sure what book to pick to start. I'll have to think this out.

    Also, I love that Birdy some from the HG soundtrack. Might be one of my favorite ones on there. :)


    1. I LOVE audio books! Especially on long roadtrips, and recently those companies have been getting really good readers for the books. In the past they were pretty bland, but they are MUCH better now and really make the story come alive. I would say start out with a book you've already read, so that way if your mind wanders you won't really miss anything, and you already know you enjoy the story. My favorite reader so far is the guy who does the Harry Potter books. He's fantastic! And yeah- Just a Game is one of my favorites too!

  2. I've never read the Lord of the Rings series because I read The Hobbit and thought it was totally boring. But listening to it as an audiobook is an awesome idea, especially if there's singing! :)

    1. I remember I LOVED The Hobbit when we had to read it in 7th grade. Then I tried reading Lord of the Rings and could barely get through the first couple chapters because it was SO BORING. But listening to it has been MUCH better. And it's cool to listen when they sing because in the book as you are reading you don't know how the song goes. When you listen on the audio book you can be all "OH! That's kinda cool. They're actually singing, and not just me reading the lyrics of this random song they made up."


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