Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green Chicken and Play Dough

Day 3: Something Green
There weren't a whole lot of "green" things that were inspiring me today - so I Instagramed a photo I had taken back in October.

This is a little play dough chicken in her nest of eggs that the 5th grade class from Martin Luther School in Joplin, MO made for me during Camp Noah. We were reading a story about a man who created a big business and just from a small dream about his chickens and their eggs.

Usually I would hold the book up and read out loud and show them the pictures.

This time... they told me to not look at them and just read the book because they were making me a surprise.

The little chicken and her nest!

I was so impressed and they had the proudest looks on their faces from their creation.

Yes, the chicken is green.

But I think it's the best chicken ever because it reminds me of the best 5th grade class I know.


  1. That's adorable! So sweet of them. I like that the chicken is green. Gives her personality.
    I like Play-Doh. :)

    1. They were the sweetest group of kids ever! I wish I could have kept the real "chicken!"

  2. Now that is a cool gift. Plus it answers at least part of a burning question- where do green eggs and ham come from? :) Happy Comment Day!


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