Saturday, December 3, 2011

Share the Love

Long story short....

It's been a rough week.

I'm doing okay and I'm still breathing. Although any thoughts and prayers sent my way will be very much appreciated.

For all of you who have already been thinking and praying about me (and my friends for that matter)


You have no idea how much it means to me.

But I've decided.... I need some cheerfulness in my life. Therefore I am introducing:

I got the idea from Life With Meg who sponsors Mingle Monday and did a Fall Gift Swap in September.

To be perfectly honest- I love giving gifts at Christmas. Yes, I know Christmas is not about the presents. Yes, the malls and all of the stores are a huge pain this time of year. Yes, it does a toll on my budget. Yes, it can be a really big hassle and super stressful. Especially when it comes to those gifts you feel like you have to give vs. the ones you want to give.

But for the people I love and care about, I love getting them gifts. When I find that perfect thing I know they are going to love - it's awesome and I love doing it. Because that is what giving people gifts is supposed to be, right?

Showing people how much they are loved.

So come join me in my gift swap! Here's how it works:
  • Comment below and give me your email address, let me know how you are following my blog (Google, a reader, email, updates through Twitter/Facebook/20sb, etc.), 5-10 of your favorite December/holiday/Christmasy things, and your favorite holiday.
  • Join in by DECEMBER 12.
  • By December 13, I will pair up everyone and email all of you with your gift swap partner. That way you can swap addresses and send your gifts to each other.
  • Spending limit is $20 and PLEASE send your gift in time for Christmas! (For my overseas readers - it might not arrive by December 25th. However, technically according to the traditional church calendar Christmas lasts until January 5. So you're good to go!)
  • And spread the word! Tweet about it, Facebook about it, and put the picture on your blog and link it to this post! The more the merrier!
Make sense?

Let's get swapping and spread some holiday cheer!

Also - don't forget to check out my December sponsor. She's a Harry Potter and NaNoWriMo geek like me! I'll officially introduce her to you soon.

And... if you feel some extra love this month, stop on by Love Drop. It's our LAST Drop and this family really needs a special Christmas. I'll have a full out blog post coming.

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  1. Em, love you! So glad we got to spend some time together yesterday!

    Oh and p.s. I want to give you your Christmas present early, so we have to meet up again next week. xoxo


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