Monday, December 12, 2011

December Update

Hello, Friends!

For the last two, almost three weeks now life has been crazy. Which  means I have been behind in pretty much... life. Ha ha.

However, things are starting to calm down. At least I hope they are. For all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers, just thank you again. I know I've said that earlier this month - but you really have no idea how much it has meant to me.

But since I've been behind on life I've realized that I haven't properly introduced you to my blog sponsor swap of the month yet!

December Sponsor Swap

She and I "met" through NaNoWriMo - which should just give you more motivation to participate in NaNoWriMo. You'll get to make new friends! She's a total geek and loves Harry Potter - like me! So naturally it was meant to be for us to be blogging buddies. But here is what she would like to say to all of you!

My name is Kathy. I'm a total nerd and proud of it. I love math. I've always wanted to work with animals. I like reading, video games, and tv. I am married to a wonderful man, and we have the greatest dog in the whole world. I work as a construction inspector for the State Highway. I am an EdZoocator for the Maryland Zoo at Baltimore, and will gladly talk your head off about penguins if you give me the chance. I am the Chapter Organizer for the HPA chapter: Potterwatch of Maryland. And I will also talk your head off about Harry Potter. I love travelling, photography, scrap-booking, t-shirts, chocolate milk, and rainy days.

See? She's awesome and you'll love her. According to her most recent blog post she might not be updating a bunch at the moment- but please check out her blog and leave her some love!

In other December news...

Please don't forget to stop by Love Drop this month and help out this family. It is our last Love Drop and we want to make it AMAZING!

What's even better is that I actually get to go to the Love Drop this month! I'm so unbelievably excited about it. I got the official "OK" from the office to head out a little earlier for my Christmas vacation than I had planned so I can make it up to Wisconsin for the event. I'll be sure to post pictures. <3

If you've been reading my blog for a long time then you might remember how last year in December I did a series on Todd Agnew's Christmas album, Do You See What I See? Well, I never finished it and I think I'm going to do just that this year! So please check out the other posts so you can catch yourself up. There is a tab dedicated to it called "Do You See What I See?".

I also am sponsoring the blog The Blair Affairs this month. All money donated to sponsor Jennifer's blog goes toward fighting against sex trafficing in Africa. So it's a great cause, and Jennifer has a wonderful blog! Check her out.

And lastly... I've been dreaming up some BIG PLANS for the blog in 2012 - and they will feature YOU! Because without the readers - a blog would be nothing. There will soon be a tab dedicated to my new plans, but I'm not sharing yet until it's all sorted out. But for now just think about this: inspiration.

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