Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Monday- Wedding Style!

My life has been completely taken over by my sisters wedding. If you were to walk into my house all you would see are flower arrangements, bride and maid of honor t-shirts, flower pots, glass jars for the candy table, etc. It's wedding central here in the Hornburg household. My poor dad. He told me the other day "I can't wait until everything is back to normal."

Sigh. Me too.

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited for my sisters wedding and it's going to be a great day. However, it'll be nice to be able to actually use the kitchen counter and table again for something other than centerpieces.

What I did do though this week is prepare a playlist of music for the day of the wedding. The hair stylist and the bridesmaids are arriving bright and early on Saturday morning and I want to be sure we have the perfect mood set for the big day.

Here are 10 of the songs I have on the playlist:

I love the movie About Time and this song from it is so sweet and perfect for weddings.

Because obviously you can't be getting ready for a wedding without this song going through your head.

Times like this I just can't get enough of old classics.

This is their first dance song. So awesome!

A modern song- but perfect for saying "I Do!"

So... does this song remind anyone else of the TV show Growing Pains? Because I remember when Mike was going to get married he had cold feet and his dad told him about this song which helped him when he was going to marry the mom. Whenever I hear this song that's what I think of and since it was about getting married obviously it has to go on a wedding playlist.

My sister and I LOVE Disney and there's nothing quite like a great Disney love song. I found this medley for the ukulele not long ago and I've been trying to learn how to play it because it's so perfect!

Say what you will about Taylor Swift - I love her and I love this song. You don't? Oh well. I'll just shake it off... shake it off..

Obviously I have to have a song from a musical on the playlist, and "All I Ask of You" is one of my sister's favorites.

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  1. Love the play list! Super excited for Saturday :)


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