Monday, September 8, 2014

Disney Music Monday

It's Music Monday again!

Since I'm a terrible blogger - I didn't get this up last week. It was Labor Day... so it's okay... right? No? Darn.

Anyways, since I missed last week I'll do the monthly theme today. Disney music!

I know everyone is probably sick and tired of Frozen and the song "Let it Go." We've heard it a million times and it's overdone. I get it. But guys... I just can't get enough! I still love it! Especially when one of my favorite youtubers did a cover of the song not long ago. She has a fantastic voice and I'm totally in love with her cover of the song!

Also- I still say this song is the theme of my life at the moment. 

What Disney songs can't you get enough of? Or what are you listening to at the moment? Link up and let me know!

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