Thursday, May 8, 2014

You Know You Went To CUC/CURF When...

Lately, I've seen some other bloggers talking about which colleges/universities they went to. Things you may have missed if you hadn't gone there, if you went there you remember, etc. It's been really fun to read because it shows just how each school is so different from the other one and we all have such great memories from them all.

Therefore, I surveyed some of my old college friends to see what some of them would finish the phrase "You Know You Went to Concordia Chicago (or River Forest if you're old school) When..."

Gotta love embarrassing college photos...
- You still celebrate Weenie Wednesday and crave Gene & Judes, Johnny's Itallian Ice, Sub T's, and Giordanos
- You know about the COOL(Chapeltorium of our Lord) and have gone to at least one event in said COOL
- You have gone on a Sev run
- You know that a Sev run can be a date or a precursor to a date
- You've hung out in the fishbowl
- You know that Bill Cullen is way cooler than any vampire with the same last name and he's probably paid for your meal at some point.
- You could leave from anywhere on campus about 2 minutes before class and get there on time
- If you were in Schola Cantorum, you knew about Friday Fun Ties, who the luckiest professor on campus was, and still can't hear the words "but cast..." without cracking up
- Being on the WOW Staff (or if you're old school: O-Staff, T-Staff, or Camp Staff) was the best ever

- You cried when you had to walk from the KCC to DJ in the middle of January
- You know how many sides there are/were to the "triangle" before and after construction
- You can get communion multiple times a day during Lent
- You still can't hear "Mude Bin Ich" or "Who Puts His Trust" without bawling uncontrollably
- Going on a walk = date
- You know all about the Concordia Grapevine and have been caught in it several times
- After talking with a guy twice your friends will start placing bets on when you'll start dating
- You have friends who went to college to get their MRS Degree
- You know Molly Malones is the place to be and they know your drink
- An exciting spring break = going on a mission trip (What what Appalachia!)

- You're still upset about the name change from Concordia University River Forest (CURF) to Concordia University Chicago (CUC)
- You won't share a hymnal to this day because of it's implications
- You knew someone who lived in "the hyphen"
- You found yourself standing in the middle of the triangle in the middle of the night because someone on your floor burnt the popcorn
- Discussing intense theological issues were an everyday thing
- You have experienced the Gross Pits and laid in the sun on the Gross Beach
- You knew more people who played ultimate frisbee than people who played official school sports, and felt like ultimate should have been a real school sport
- You've been to the roof of the KCC
- There were two types of pre-sem guys: Ft. Wayne or St. Louis
- Your stomach still gets sick thinking of Sodexho - unless it was from the Cougar Den
- You know the relationship between cookies and the music department
- You basically lived in a Concorida hoodie

- You know there were two professors on campus you referred to as "Doc"
- You went to Prayer and Praise every single Sunday night and hung out in the Cougar Den after
- NOIZ was fun and plentiful
- You have completed or always wanted to complete the Triple Crown
- 1/2 of your friends had to go to bed early senior year because they had student teaching in the morning
- You know the guys smoking outside of the dorms are actually the pre-seminary students
- You know there was always a group of pre-sem guys who wore black with big crosses
- You are familiar with the "friendly" competitiveness between the DCE, Pre-Sem, Daeconess, and Lutheran Ed programs
- The best nights were all-nighters in the computer lab with everyone else from class complete with 2am Sev runs
- Radio shows were basically just your friends goofing around and talking on the air
- Inner-vis was your worse enemy
- You're 23 and a majority of your friends are married and pregnant. (Wedding season is really busy for CUC grads...)

Okay, now that I've told you all of these "insider" observations about Concordia Chicago which you probably don't get because you didn't go there - what are some of the some of the specifics of your college/university only students from there would know? Or if you did go to CUC/CURF, did I miss any?


  1. The Schola and WOW staff ones are my favorite. Every time I have leftover popcorn, I think of Prof. Kohrs. I still don't share hymnals if I can help it. Walking from the KCC to DJ? Just take the monorail!

  2. Slow clap! Couldn't have said it better myself!


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