Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bout of Books Wrap Up

Remember last week when I said I was joining this challenge "Bout of Books" and I was going to read 5, possibly 6, books in one week?

Yeah... about that.

Technically, I didn't really "fail" because I was still reading all week. It wasn't like I quit reading. But I didn't make my goal either. Instead of reading five or six books, it was more like 3 and a half.

First, I read Clockwork Angel from The Infernal Devices trilogy. SO glad I gave this one a re-read! I appreciated it so much more the second time around and picked up on more of the plot and the characters.

Then, I moved onto The Vanishing Act by Mettte Jakobsen. This one was cute. It wasn't quite as magical as I had hoped, and the plot was lacking a bit. But I did enjoy the characters and the writing style. Also, it was a super short and fast read.

And THEN and THEN and GENTLEMEN AND THEN! (Name that musical.) The rest of my week was devoted to finishing The Infernal Devices trilogy. I couldn't resist. I tried to read The Rose Garden like I had originally planned but I just couldn't. Tessa, Will, Magnus, and Jem (ESPECIALLY JEM. I know Will is the super popular one and I love him too... but are there any other Team Jem members out there because I LOVE HIM) were calling my name and I could not turn away. Once I got sucked in there was no turning back. If anyone else has read this trilogy and loved it please let me know because I have a lot of feelings I need to talk about.

However, I only actually finished Clockwork Prince during Bout of Books and finished Clockwork Princess once the challenge was done.

Womp womp.

If I hadn't gotten sick and had been able to keep my eyes open on Tuesday I might have gotten closer to completing the goals I had set for myself.

Now I am going back to my original goal for May of re-reading all of the The Mortal Instruments series before the final book, City of Heavenly Fire releases next week. I'm over 1/2 way through City of Glass right now and there are only two more after. So... I think I can do it. Right?

We'll see...


  1. I LOVED the Infernal Devices series. I plan on re-reading it soon.

  2. That is not too bad! It could have been worse :) I haven't read The Infernal Devices, do you like it better than The Mortal Instruments? That wasn't my favorite - I read the first three but didn't continue on.
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. You always have so many books I have never heard of and want to read! Thanks for making me be a better reader!


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