Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Bandit Hates Me

I don't know if you've heard or not- but this past week has been cold.

Oh? That's news to you? No one on the internet has been talking about it at all? Really?


Anyways. Even for a native Chicago girl like me, it was outrageously cold Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. On Monday, our high of the day was -10 and I heard if you were outside for 10+ minutes you could get frostbite.

Naturally, this made me frigtened for my poor little Missouri born dog who has proably never experienced anything below 25. Even down in Missouri, if it got too cold he would just stand there and shake. Which meant I needed to get something to protect poor little Bandit from the cold.

The orange coat.

I cannot tell you how much Bandit hates this coat.

When I picked it up over the weekend I had him try it on right away. He simply stood there on the ground and stared at me and refused to move.

He's gotten used to it, and thankfully now that we are begining to thaw off he can go outside without it again. However, whenever I put it on him, I get a series of looks which are a cross between pathetic and hatred which make me wonder if he's plotting my demise.

Thankfully, my parents have a fireplace. Every time he comes in from outside he promptly lays down in front of it, coatless, and basks in the heat like the spoiled brat he is.

Jade and Oak


  1. awww poor thing in that coat haha. but it's for his own good, right?? i'm sure he enjoys the fireplace much more :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. OMG! I love the face he is making with the coat on!! Dogs are so expressive :). It's cute that he warms up by the fire when he comes inside. Oh bandit, u make auntie laugh, hehe

  3. he's so cute! My dog loves her winter coat, she get pissed when I take it off!

  4. emily bandit probably does hate it and is piloting.he is as cute as he was in cape
    brian allerding

  5. Omg, his face with the coat is priceless!! Awww what a sweetheart! Too cute! xoxo

  6. He is so cute in that little coat! I'm sure he realizes in his puppy mind that it's keeping him warmer than he would be without it!

  7. My dog gives me a disgusted look every time I put his sweater on him. I feel your pain :)


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