Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reasons Why I Am Actually A Disney Character

When I was in college, the Disney movie Enchanted came out. Being a Disney fan, I was interested in seeing it, but it took me awhile to actually get around to going to the movie theatre. Knowing my college self, I was probably holding out for one of the $2 college movie days at our local theatre.

One of the girls in my hall went to see it, and when she came back she declared to me that I had to watch the film ASAP because the main character, Princess Giselle, was basically me.

If you are unfamiliar with the movie Enchanted, it is about how Princess Giselle, your classis Disney princess, gets sent to relatiy. Not just reality, but New York City where there are no happy endings. While she is there, she sings songs, cleans the house with the help of the NYC animals, dances, and hopes true love's kiss will save her. Everywhere she goes there is singing, happiness, saved marriages, and little jabs at former Disney movies... along with people staring at her thinking she's a crazy person.

And she meets Patrick Dempsy... or at least his character. Same thing, right? Right.

When I finally saw the movie, I agreed with my friend, but didn't take it very seriously.

That is until last night when I was having a Twitter conversation about Disney movies. A friend of mine never liked them much and didn't grow up with Disney movies. (The horror! I know!) While I on the other hand, was practically raised by princesses and talking animals.

After this, I sat and thought for awhile (this is the third day I've been stuck in the house because of snow and cold, there's been a lot of time for thinking), and I realized that I actually am a Disney character.

First, there's the obvious. I'm always fighting the urge to randomly burst into song and dance, and I don't understand why everyone else doesn't want to sing and dance with me.

I have the greatest animal sidekick ever - Bandit.

He might not be able to talk like people do, but we know each other so well I can just share what he's thinking. Just like Kristoff and Sven in Frozen.

And let's face the facts, friends, I'm probably the same height as these guys:

My skin is outrageously pale like hers:

I love pink:

I believe (probably too firmly) in happy endings and refuse to believe in anything else. When things aren't happy I have a difficult time accepting it. ::cough:: Allegiant ::cough::

My family probably thinks I'm far too independent for my own good.

I try to be all tough, but we all know that's just not true.

My nose is always stuck in a book and everyone in town probably thinks I'm a little crazy. Let's face it, if a man gave me a library I'd be his forever.

Hugs are my favorite.

I would have no problem hanging out with these guys everyday while fighting for the rights of kids in Victorian New York:

I want to go on adventures!

And I love my family and friends.

I'm told I was exactly like Anna as a kid:

So, Disney, where's my movie already? I mean... clearly I'm one of your characters.

Glossy Blonde


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Awesome post! You definitely are like a disney character!! I like how you found similarities to a variety of characters. Plus, little Bandit was included too!! Hehe}

  2. I am sooo with you! I totally belong in a Disney movie too. I love your sidekick Bandit!

  3. Yayyy Disney! And Bandit is exactly the type of name a sidekick should have!

  4. Considering you were 2 years old when Disney decided to start re-releasing some of the movies from the vault and you saw Snow White on the big screen for the first time. I like to think of that as being the beginning of your love-affair with Disney. It did make a lasting impression - even if you don't remember the event consciously. Could it have actually helped to form who you are today? Hum? interesting, very interesting!

  5. Lovely post, I mostly grew up without Disney movies but my childhood wasn't that bad ;)

  6. I know the feeling. I feel like I connect with Mary Poppins on a level that isn't even describable. I actually had a Disney weekend at my aunt's house. It was fun.

  7. This is adorable. I would totally watch a Disney movie with you as the main character and it would be the first modern Disney movie I enjoyed! :)

    I love Aladdin, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid but I just DON'T CARE about the latest animated or Pixar movies. It really makes me sad because I used to love them so much when I was little.

  8. This is 100% me as well! <3 I have said forever that I am a Disney character, hehe. <3 When we're in our bedroom, or even outside, I'll have a random neighborhood kitty walk over and sit in my lap, the pug from across the street will sit by me, and the magpie will land in the above tree. Animals crowd me.

    I love bursting into song and dance. I listen to the children's Disney radio, which... is... amazing. (I may go around seeing ah-ah-Ah-AH like from Enchanted, hehe.) THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ENDING IS A HAPPY ONE.

    I try to change the world, for the better. I believe everyone is equal. One of my favorite character as you know is Esmeralda, and I see myself a lot like her. I also see myself like Snow White, Belle, and Tinker Bell. Sadly, my childhood was so much like Rapunzel's. "Now I see the light" oh my gosh, all of the tears.

    I'm going to write a post based on this - definitely will give you credit. <3 *hug*


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