Monday, January 13, 2014

My Brain Refuses to Work

I thought once I moved and all of the crazy with leaving Missouri was done, writing would be so much easier. I would be able to write about whatever I wanted!

Nope. Lies. All lies.

It's harder now.

With the holidays and the crazy polar vortex blog posts practically could write themselves. But now that all of the holidays are over and the snow is now melted into disguting puddles which are a mix of ice, mud, and grass... I'm in a blogging dry spell.

Unless you all want to hear about how I'm geeking out over the possibility of a Frozen musical, the steampunk book I'm almost done with, how I didn't watch the Golden Globe awards, or how it's taken me until yesterday to finally get out and work on writing my NaNoWriMo project. Even with that, I didn't actually get writing done, but just characterization. (Which was actually quite helpful.) However, I did read Niel Gaiman's blog today and he hasn't been writing lately either he admiteded. So, that made me feel much better.

I know I could find some sort of questionaire or link-up to do, but I don't want to simply use those when I need a topic to write about. If I did, those posts would every single day.

Maybe it's because it's Monday and my brain isn't working. I don't know.

What do you all do when you're in a blogging dry spell?

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  1. i take a break. sometimes that happens and i just sit back and read blogs, then come back to it when the inspiration strikes.

  2. 1. If there is a frozen musical we are seeing it together.
    2. When I can't get creative juices flowing, I try to take a break. Sometimes when u step away from something good ideas start to flow.


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