Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Glee

Dear Glee,

It all started back in 2009. I was talking to my friend Laura and our conversation went something like this:

"Have you watched that show Glee yet?"

"No, I've thought about it, but I haven't yet."

"You really should. This show is basically you."

Of course, she was right. You were a TV show that I instantly understood and fell in love with. If someone were to watch you and think I would hate it, they probably haven't met me. A perky group of misfits, dramatic love stories, overcoming obstacles, random humor and ridiculous one-liners, AND it's a musical TV show?

Clearly, you really are the definition of me.

I know it's not cool to like you anymore. Especially since I'm 27 years old. I hear the criticisms people have of you and I understand. Heck, they are valid and people bring up good points. But I don't care. I still love you. Here are 10 reasons why.

1) I love how you make fun of yourself. You understand how completely ridiculous you are and use it. I love how Sue always takes what everyone is thinking about the show and makes it into some hilarious one-liner. I love when the characters take their crazy habits and make them into jokes.

2) I love how you give me things that I never knew I wanted. Like a kid in a wheelchair swinging on a vine while singing Katy Perry. I never knew I wanted that image in my life - but now I'm so glad it is.

Or Sam dressed as a shirtless bug.

Or Santana doing advertisements about yeast infections.

3) You introduced Darren Criss to the world - and then put him in a superhero costume.

I already knew who he was and fell in love at least a year before he was on the Glee cast. However, now everyone knows about how great he is and I can now watch him every single Thursday.

4) In less than a minute, you can take characters I really don't care anything about and suddenly I have all of the feels for their situations.

I'm looking at you Unique and that darn rendition of "If I Was A Boy" you sang on Thursday.

I'm also looking at you Marley and Jake. You were always cute, but I didn't realize that I really wanted you together until Jake messed it up this season.

Really Jake? Really? Why did you have to cheat on her? I mean... come on!

5) Some people like certain songs, and once they're on Glee they suddenly hate them. Not so with me. (Usually.) There are times when I have no idea what song the cast is singing and I'm all "this is kinda good" and then I realize it's a Miley Cyrus song. Now.... I really want to listen to it. I have what should be an embarrassing amount of Glee covers on my iPod that I am not embarrassed about at all.

6) I love how Twitter explodes when Kurt takes off his shirt for the first time in five seasons. 

Especially when he started out like this:

How our little Porcelain has grown up.

7) I still think Rachel Berry is the actual best. I know she's annoying and obnoxious and awful. But I love her.

8) While some of the musical numbers aren't what they used to be, I love how every once in awhile you do surprise me with what you do with the songs. Even when they are repeated from previous seasons.

Teenage Dream acoustic from season 4 anyone?

Side note: does anyone else randomly find themselves jealous of a gay couple? Cause... this show does that to me sometimes. Sorry, not sorry.

9) Sue Sylvester. Enough said.

10) How I feel everything all of the time while watching. It's where I can unload my emotions, sing songs, and completely buy into cheesy plot lines. I don't even always agree with the direction the episodes go or how they tackle certain issues, but I always have some sort of reaction and feeling. 

Side note: The Finn episode was perfect timing. I was having a crazy emotional week and I was able to channel all of my feels into watching that one. 

Finn... I miss you. SO MUCH.

So yes, Glee. I know you only have a season and a half left (which, I applaud you for making that decision because it's good to know when to end and how to end well). I know most people probably judge me for loving you so much. But there it is.

Sorry, not sorry everyone else.

And... here's another Darren Criss photo just for good measure.

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Another side note to my readers:  I apologize for all of the fan-girling over Darren Criss lately. (But only slightly sorry.) I'm kinda basing my main male character for NaNoWriMo on him so I've had a ton of photos of him up on my laptop this month. I'm sure by December I'll calm down. (Maybe. Hopefully.)

Glossy Blonde


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from! I have been watching Glee since my freshman year of high school and I can't picture my life without watching it. When Cory died, I honestly went to my room and just cried. I hadn't cried over the death of a celebrity before and I think it's because I was so close to his character. Finn was my TV hero. He saved me and his songs on the show always spoke to me. I also know what it's like to be over posting an actor or musician. In my NaNoWriMo novel, my main characters are based off of Harry Styles and Jamie Campbell Bower. Thank you for this post, it was much needed.

    1. I'm so glad you liked this post and there are people who still love the show like I do! Finn wasn't my all time favorite character - but I still loved him. Especially his relationship with Rachel. He was fantastic and I was so upset when he died. I love how the characters have made such a difference in people's lives and have given them hope. I'm glad Finn was that for you!

      And how is your novel going?????

    2. Really well! I need to finish my Week 3 blog update, but I love it! I know this is what I will be working on over Christmas vacation! Mine is a dystopian novel with romance in the mix. I feel like as I started writing it, the romance aspect overpowered it, though. So I need to change that! How is yours going?

    3. Haha. I am having the same problem! The romance part of my supernatural/action story has taken over! (But that also might just be because that was supposed to be the focus of that section of the book? IDK.) But I hit 32k last night and today I'm brainstorming the next big plot point. I have a general idea of what's next, but I need details. :) I'm so glad your novel is going well though!

    4. I am clucking away at a staggering 31,425 at the moment. I am in need of my break next week so I can crank out the last bits of this novel. I just am excited to go onto the next draft and continue working on it. Especially during January where I have the entire month off from school. Congrats on hitting 32K!

    5. That's awesome! I know I really need to get my rear in gear this week because I probably won't get much done over Thanksgiving. Which is when it ends - eek! But I'm excited for the next draft too. Just... I'm really loving my story this year. It's different from anything I've done before and it's going to be amazing!

    6. Same! My usual is try too hard for a story, but this one came to me one day out of the blue and I think that is why I love it so much. I want to try and finish all my words and the whole story by the weekend because I need to finish some other things, but I doubt that will happen! The characters are people I want to be and that is what makes me so excited!

    7. I love it! I really hope to have mine done by Tuesday. That means a lot of writing for me this week! But I'm really excited for this story because it's so different. Usually I do fairy tale retellings and this one is 100% my idea. I love the characters too!

    8. That is cool! I usually do these stories with fairies and lots of magic, but they didn't feel right and I never went back to them. I found myself reading a lot of dystopian and watching a lot of Big Brother UK and the idea came to me. I absolutely love it and it's like my child. It isn't a hobby anymore, it's something I want as my job. I hope that I may be querying by next summer. Hopefully, fingers crossed.

    9. That's what my plan is too! My story is Harry Potter meets Buffy meets Supernatural - and it's awesome!

    10. Mine is like The Mortal Instruments (minus the supernatural) meets Hunger Games meets Big Brother meets sword fighting? Haha... it's a little complicated.

    11. Nice. Although I've never gotten into Big Brother :-/

    12. The UK one is way better, it's not all sporty people. It's a bunch of misfits living in a house together.

  2. While I do get why you still like this show I gave up on it last season. I was just not interested in it anymore and my favourites, Santana, Kurt and Rachel weren't in it as much as I was used to I lost interest. I also promised myself not to watch a Ryan Murphy show again because they regularly infuriate me so there's that. Sometimes when I see stuff about Kurt and Santana on the internet I'm almost ready to give it another try but I don't.

    1. A lot of people gave up on it last season -and it makes sense! I really miss the old characters and their stories. However, what they have been doing with the characters who are still around has been awesome! My favorite episodes are the ones which focus on Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in NYC. And I will admit- I love the Blaine/Sam bromance. So that makes the high school plot lines tolerable. lol

  3. I remember mentioning this show to you. I watched a few episodes and thought "if Emily isn't watching this, she needs to!" Lol. Unfortunately i gave up on the show last season. The characters I loved just weren't in it enough anymore. Also, some weird story lines started up and it just turned me off. I do still have find memories of past seasons. I'll never forget the goosebumps I got in the first episode when they sang "Don't stop Believing"...and I hate Katy Perry music, but I LOVE the Glee version of Teenage Dream...it's the only version I'll listen to, lol

    1. Yeah, I totally understand! It's taken A LONG TIME for the new high school characters to grow on me. I didn't even realized I liked them until this past week's episode! lol. My favorites are when they follow Kurt, Santana, and Rachel in NYC. (Although the whole plot line with that new BF got weird... but they fixed it and it's better again!) And the Sam/Blaine bromance keeps the high school plot lines tolerable because I love them. And yeah.... I do like Katy Perry's music. But Glee does them SO MUCH BETTER! Especially when Blaine sings them. I love his 2 versions of Teenage Dream, I also really liked when he did Last Friday Night. But then even a few years ago Rachel's Firework was better too!

  4. I found you someone near my age who loves Glee and doesn't apologize for it. Thank you for taking to time to write the love letter that spoke to me and for being a fellow Gleek. Feel few to venture to Aphrodite+Kidd's Closet anytime.

    1. YAY! I'm so glad there's another Glee fan out there!!!!


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