Friday, November 22, 2013

The Results Are In!

Last week, I asked my readers to fill out a quick survey to get some feedback on this blog. With all of my life changes and a new blog design being worked on, I felt like it was a good time to do some blog evaluating.

First- THANK YOU to everyone who gave me feedback! I'm so glad you took the time to fill out the form and give me your thoughts. Some of you even wrote in some other things about where you are at and what's going on in your lives and your honest opinions, and I appreciate that so much.

If you want to fill out the survey - click here:

I was pretty pleased with the results. When I compared to how many people filled out the survey with how many hits I get for each post, I got a good percentage of responses. About half actually- which actually is very good!

Here is what I found out. I'll list the results with the most popular on top and then at the bottom of each list will be the least popular.

How You All Receive Updates:

1) Facebook
2) Bloglovin
3) Feedly
4) Twitter
5) Instagram & 20sb (tie)

Your Favorite Topics:

1) Daily Life
2) Faith & Friends (tied)
3) Books & Relationships & Geeky Things (tied)
4) Family & Awesome Female Role Models (tied)
5) Theatre
6) Writing
7) Product Reviews
Other: Comics & Manga (although I've never written about those... so I have no idea where that came from)

Your Favorite Ways to Communicate With Me and Other Bloggers:

1) Twitter
2) Blog Comments
3) Facebook & Email (tied)

What You Would Like to see More of:

1) Books
2) Faith
3) Advice & Other Blogs & Fiction (tied)
4) Product Reviews
5) Link-Ups
Other: My life & interests, only a few link-ups, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What You Would Like to see Less of:

1) Link Ups
2) Product Reviews
3) Other Blogs
4) Fiction & Books & Geek (tied)

It was interesting to go through and read what you all had to say. A lot of it made sense and didn't surprise me at all. Then there were times I would read something and be like "huh... that's interesting." Then other times the opinions would be very divided leaving me torn on what to do.

However, I do feel like I have a better idea of what some of my "niches" are and what you all like to read.

So, here are my thoughts on what I plan to do with all of this lovely information.

Sending Updates

I'll try to be more active on Facebook and being sure people know where to find me there. I will also work on promoting my blog via Bloglovin and other readers more. While on the other hand, Pinterest, Instagram, and other media are good for updates, they aren't the best. So I'll have my posts up on those - but they won't be my main focus.


I feel like I'm doing a decent job of this. (If I'm not - let me know!) I do try to respond toe very comment that is up on this blog either by email or replying in the post. Also, I love to connect to other bloggers via Twitter as well - so that seems to be working!

Blog Content

Daily Life: It amazes me how popular this is. Personally... I feel like my life is boring. However - I guess everyone feels that way. But I'll try to keep everyone updated on what's going on with me more and just what's going on in my head.

Faith: I know lately, I haven't been talking about faith quite as much as I have in the past. It's always been there, but not my main focus. I feel like a lot of that is because so much of my faith and thoughts about God have been tied in with my job situation. Until now, I haven't been able to talk about my job situation because we needed to tell the congregation first. I'm hoping now I'll be able to share more of where I'm at with faith and what I've been thinking about lately.

Friends/Relationships/Family: These are more topics I feel like I'll have some new content on soon. With my whole life change - I'm going to be moving and meeting new people and spending time with my family. I have a feeling there will be a lot of fun stories and thoughts about this in the future. Which is really exciting!

Awesome Female Role Models: This one surprised me. It was popular, but not quite as popular as I thought it was. Which is totally fine, just interesting. This series will keep going, but I don't think I'll post it every single week. Maybe just a couple of times a month when I see a character I really want to feature.

Other Blogs and Link-Ups: This was one that confused me. Some people seemed to not want ANY featuring of other blogs and link ups, but other people seemed to want more. I try to not do too many link-ups other than ones where it doesn't matter what you write. (Examples: Mingle Monday and Totally Posted Tuesday.) To be honest, I'm not cutting these topics out. While they aren't my favorite and I won't do a ton - there will be some on occasion. It's a reality of the blog world where they are great ways to support each other and promote your own blog to other bloggers.

Writing: Those of you who are into NaNoWriMo and such I know appreciate my writing blogs. While those of you who don't do NaNoWriMo... don't like them. This makes sense. I'll cut back on these, especially once November is over.

Books: I'm glad you all like it when I talk about books. Because... well.... I kind of have a love affair with them. So yes, I'll keep writing about books.

Geeky Stuff: Other than a few exceptions, you all seem to like this. So you'll get a sprinkling of my geeky fan-girlyness.

Theatre: This I feel like will fall in my daily life and geek posts. Because a lot of my life ends up revolving around play and musical rehearsals and I tend to geek out over musicals. So expect to see some.

Product Reviews: I'll try not to do these. Which is really nice. These are some of my least favorites to write and to read. You will only see product reviews and recommendations on this blog from here on out that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! (Or they're paying me to write my honest opinion.Cause you know... a girls got to eat.)

Whew. That was a long blog post for a Friday, yo. However, I did want to share with you my thoughts and the results of the survey.

If you would like to give me feedback and haven't yet, or want to share your thoughts on the results, feel free to check out the survey, comment below, or shoot me an email with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!

And what are you up to this weekend? Anyone seeing Catching Fire? I'm hoping to see it and get some good writing time in.


  1. i'm seeing it tonight! beyond excited! ps. just found your blog!

    1. So exciting! I can't wait to see it. And I'm so glad you stopped by and can't wait to get to know you better!

  2. no! waiting for the crowds to die down because you know me and humans LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Can't wait to see it - excited! But like Kathy above me waiting til it dies down!
    I love that you checked what your readers like as as much as our blogs are about us mainly it's great to give your readers more of the stuff they love :)

  4. Just found your blog :) Seeing catching fire on Sunday & can't wait! Also I love the idea of a blog survey like this! It's so informative.

  5. I'm waiting til next week for Catching Fire...all my students were going tonight and I figured its best if I wait, lol.

    1. Haha. Good plan! I ended up not being able to see it either. :(

  6. Just saw Catching Fire yesterday, it was awesome! I mean, I wanted to cry for about 60% of the movie, just because...feelz, man, so many feelz.


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