Monday, October 1, 2012

I Think The Internet Is Trying To Tell Me Something

This morning, I was watching this awesome YouTube video by Ralph and Lou. I discovered their YouTube channel during VEDA. They are all kinds of awesome and their latest video is a perfect depiction of their ridiculousness.

While watching the video, I was bombarded with these ads:


I find it ironic because just last night a friend and I were just talking about how you can find some shady people through online dating sites. Not that online dating is a bad thing - for some people it works wonderfully. But depending on the site, you can find some weird people.

Also - Google, are you calling me a geek? Me? A geek? WHEREVER DID YOU GET THAT IDEA?

It's not like I have gone to EVERY MIDNIGHT SHOW of Harry Potter since Goblet of Fire...

Or am obsessed with Broadway stars like Corey Cott (the new Jack Kelly for Newsies)...

Or have made my own butterbeer...

Or live on the internet...

Or have won NaNoWriMo four years in a row...

Or get more emotional over the Hunger Games than I do real life...

Seriously, Google, where do you get this stuff? ;)

In other news - I'm all moved into my apartment! I will have a video about it coming soon. I just need to get it all edited and such. Will be posted this week! 

Happy October!

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. I shouldn't be surprised, because he got married and stuff like that, but I am so sad that Jeremy Jordan is no longer playing Jack Kelly. Because the boy was brilliant. But at least I can say that I got to see the original Broadway cast of a show. And I got his autograph/a picture.

    And hooray for moving in! I still have a box or two in my apartment and haven't done a "this is my new apartment" post because it's so far from being done because things are expensive. ((sigh))

    1. OMG RIGHT????? I was so depressed when Jeremy Jordan was leaving. The biggest reason is because he's going to be on Smash for season 2. WHICH IS AWESOME AND WE GET TO WATCH HIM EVERY SINGLE WEEK. But still. Corey is good though. He's not as good as Jeremy, but he has a good voice. He's super young too. LITERALLY just graduated college and such. He even had a chance to be on Glee but he went for Newsies instead. As much as I love Glee- that made me happy.

      And yup! All moved in. I'm surrounded by boxes and such, but I have gotten a lot do already. Which is exciting. Today is my last day in the old place and I just have to meet a friend there who is buying my washer/dryer off of me. YAY!

  2. I'm on the last book of hunger games again... I get so emotional too! Especially that poor Peeta gets hijacked! It kills me! No matter how many time I read or listen to the books gets me every time!

    1. PEETA! It's so sad. I re-watched the movie for the first time since I saw it in theatres. UGH so awesome. And when the second movie comes out... I'm gonna be a wreck. I feel like the Hunger Games is proof that I'm an emotional masochist. I know it's going to make me cry and be all depressed, but I JUST CAN'T STOP.


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