Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Previously, on Love Woke Me Up This Morning... (said in an awesome TV voice)

My former roommate lost her job and moved out - taking her two cats with her. Which left me  roommate-less and several hundred dollars poorer.

I searched far and wide for the perfect person to be my next roommate.

I even repainted the room so it would be nice and shiny and clean for whoever this person would be.

However, all that my searching led to were recovering alcoholics with eleven year old sons, divorcees who backed out, and an insurmountable of supposed "international students" who would "send me their deposit" in the mail.

I then began the hunt for a new home. One that would be less expensive.

This too failed me. The only places that I would be able to afford either would not allow me to have pets or were in a place where I would fear for my life.

The months went by and my worries rose as I saw the number in my bank account dwindle.


Cut to Labor Day weekend.

My friend "G" came to visit over the weekend! (Not to be confused with G, the husband of Brizanne. Henceforth, they will now be referred to as Mr. and Mrs. G to avoid confusion.) As we drove about town on that lovely Friday afternoon she brought up her friend, A. A needed a roommate.


(I may or may not have said it quite like that...)

Luckily, A joined us that evening for a night of geeky board games while watching Tangled. We talked - AND I HAVE A ROOMMATE, MAYBE TWO, AND POSSIBLY A 5 BEDROOM HOUSE!

A's lease is up October first, and on that day she will move into the apartment. G, just moved back to the area, is crashing at a friends place, needs a job and thinks she will probably get one in our town. If she does - she'll need a place to stay. The three of us concocted a plan for G to move in with us. Which would mean that my little two bedroom apartment would not suffice. We began to search for rental houses.

The next morning A texted G with  news. She found a house! Possibly. She had been driving around town to see if there were any homes for rent that had not been listed in the newspaper and she noticed that a friend of hers had a "For Sale" sign in front of her home. A, promptly called this friend to see what was up. Apparently, this friend and her family had been wanting to move to another home in the country but couldn't sell their house, so, their plans had been postponed. If all was agreeable with the hubby- A's friend said we might be able to move in!

And get this: their mortgage is only $10 more than my 2 bedroom apartment.


Granted, if we get the house there is a chance they would charge us more. But between three people? Not a problem.

Basically, we just need to wait to hear about this house.

So, for those of you who are getting lost, here's a recap:

A is moving into my apartment October 1. This is when her lease is up, and that will give us time to figure out G's plans and to find another place for the three of us to live. If G does not live with us, we can handle the apartment between the two of us. If we get the house we want, I can't imagine us moving in until November at the earliest. If we don't, we have time to find somewhere else to live. We aren't in a hurry.

A does have a cat - which worried me at first considering how things went last time I had a roommate with cats...

Bandit was not happy.

However, I met the cat and it was super friendly, and it's front paws are de-clawed. Hooray!

Also, get this: the cat is toilet trained.
Yeah. You read that right. It's like Jinx in Meet the Parents.

The cat freaking uses a toilet!

I feel as though having a cat in the apartment won't be that big of a deal.

Then when/if we move into a house Bandit and the cat will have plenty of space to spread out and not have to deal with each other.

And either way - no kitty litter!

In the meantime we do have to find a storage unit for A to put her stuff in (she has a lot of stuff that won't fit into my apartment), and it will be a pain to have to move A's things twice. It also will be an adjustment for me to be living with someone again. When my former roommate was around, she worked the night shift and had classes so our schedules were completely different and we didn't see each other all of the time. Now I've been by myself for a few months and have gotten used to it. In the long run though, I think it will be worth it.

Isn't it crazy when things just fall together like that? I feel as though this weekend was basically God saying, "Emily, stop worrying and freaking out. I got this."

So... here we go! One more month and I'll have a roommate!

And I may or may not have already begun planning how we're decorating for Christmas...


  1. This seems like really good luck! Good for you :)


  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! It seems like things are finally falling into place - that's very exciting! :)

    That said, I'd be completely terrified of a cat that used the toilet...........

  3. Yeah... I feel like for awhile I'm gonna be totally freaked out when I hear someone using the toilet and there isn't a person in the bathroom.

  4. Congratulations. Hope everything works out

    1. Thanks! Me too! Right now we're still apartment/house shopping. But it's so much nicer with three people because then we can afford more. :)

  5. Awesome! So glad to hear things are working out how you'd hoped, and possibly even better!

    1. Thanks! The house fell through, but that's okay. We are working on house/apartment shopping now. We saw one duplex yesterday, looking at a house today, and waiting to hear about another house. Here's hoping we find something good!

  6. An amazing story, with more twists and turns than an episode of Fringe. I can hardly wait for the sequel- "House, Part Deux!"

    1. lol Thanks! We are continuing the home search tonight - stay tuned!

  7. Awesome! That's so exciting that everything fell together so quickly for you. There is still some work to do in order to make all of this work out in your (and their) favor, but no matter what everything will be okay. I'm very happy for you. Although, as a cat owner, I have to say that the idea of a toilet-trained cat freaks me out. Scooping kitty litter is a miserable experience, but I don't think I would be emotionally ready for the first time I flip on the bathroom light, lock eyes with my kitty in mid-poop, and then he says, "Do you mind?" in this really gruff voice. At least that's how I envision it would happen.


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