Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh Look At That- I'm Versatile

One of my newest blog friends nominated me!

Thanks so much Brittany! You can check out her blog at This Beautiful Life.


My goodness there are a lot of awards floating around the blog world.

However, I don't really mind. It shows how supportive the blog world is and it helps you to get your name out there, but also other bloggers too.

So, here we go.


1) Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2) Let your nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3) Share seven random facts about yourself.
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post linking them back to their blog.
5) Add the Versatile Blogger picture to your post.


I've been skipping out on this part of awards lately... but since I haven't given you random facts about me in awhile I'll actually obey the award rules this time.

  • I really can't wait until this whole "moving to a new apartment thing" is over. While in the long run it'll save me money and I know it's a good thing, in the meantime it is stressful and expensive. Let's just move onto the fun part where I get to decorate the new place and relax.
  • I'm going to Michigan in 12 days! One of my closest friends from college is getting married, and I'm carpooling with two of my other friends from college (myself and one of the other girls are both bridesmaids in the wedding) and it's going to be so much fun. One friend I talk to all of the time but she lives far away so I don't get to see her often. The other friend actually lives somewhat close to me, but we don't talk a whole lot - so it'll be fun to catch up.
  • Right now I'm really excited because I'm starting up a new project. I can't say anything about it yet, but I think it's going to be awesome. I get to work with an old Love Drop friend and we're going to be doing some planning for it this weekend. Although I will need some help- people who are familiar with Word Press, graphic design, marketing, etc. HIT ME UP!
  • I also have another idea rolling about in my head that I might be asking some of you wonderful ladies about. Some of you I've already discussed it with, but I want to get more brainstorming and feedback on it. Again... I can't share a whole lot with you all yet. Sorry. :(
  • What I'm NOT excited about is filling out my staff evaluation. It was due yesterday morning. I just hate filling this thing out.
  • I'm outrageously addicted to The Vampire Diaries right now. I've been watching season three on Netflix NON STOP all week. It's making me super emotional. All of the characters, all of the feels. Stephen. Damen. Elana. Caroline. Tyler. Elijah. And most recently - Klaus you make my heart break! You were supposed to be the evil one! Stop playing with my emotions!!!! Just - UGH. Why do I get   so emotionally involved in the lives of fictional characters?
  • One of my BEST FRIENDS whom I have know my entire life is coming down to Cape to see the play I'm in. She's never been down here and I CAN'T WAIT to show her my apartment (even though 1/2 of it is packed in boxes) and everything here. Oh yeah... and her hubby is coming too. 

I didn't do 15, but the rules said up to 15. Which means I could have nominated just one. But here are some lovely ladies that I would LOVE for you to meet! Some I know in real life, some over the internet, but all are wonderful. All of them are either new or don't have a HUGE reader base (as in less than 100 followers) and totally deserve to have more.

Alexandra of This Journey of Journies- She is a college freshman this year, a former sponsor of mine, a singer, and a wonderful friend!

Michelle of Pretties and Things- Michelle is a member of my church and is part of my small group. She is a young mother and such a wonderful person! I love going over to her house for Bible Study.

Aren't they a cute family?
Sandy of Just Sandy- Sandy is another "newer" blog friend and I just love her! She has a great voice, an adorable family, and I simply can't get enough of this girl.

My Photo

Cate of A Little Bit of Spunk- And ANOTHER new friend! She referenced a movie about witches, Zac Efron, and Jesus all in one post. How can you not love her?

My Photo

Emily of A Charmed Life- Emily is a friend from college and I just love her attitude about life. She's fun, sassy, and artistic. 


Carrie from A Girl's Gotta Tri- I have known Carrie since High School and she recently did a tri-athalon and blogged about her journey there. I have to say - it's pretty awesome and she is definitely inspiring me to keep in shape. Now that her triathlon is over she is documenting her journey for a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle of Wide Open Spaces- I've known Michelle since college and she is one of the sweetest people I know! She is a preschool teacher in Nebraska and let's just say... I don't know how she does it!

Pierra of Living Without Apology- Yet ANOTHER college friend! Pierra was a freshman when I was a senior, but that didn't make her any less awesome and the title of her blog is EXACTLY who she is. Pierra is strong, opininated, faithful, and completely ridiculous which I love.

My Photo

Rachel of Life in the Moment- So... I had a lot of friends in college. Sue. me. Rachel was older than me, but totally took me under her wing! I love her blog and I know you will too! She's another preschool teacher (how they do it I have no idea) and lives in Arizona. 

So there you have it - my nominations!
And again, if any of you are knowledgeable with WordPress, Marketing, PR, graphic design, etc. I could use your help! Email me at Then you can get some spoilers of the project I'm working on. ;) I think sometime in the next week or two I'll have an "official" call for people to get feedback on another idea I've been thinking about. Stay tuned!

Seriously, Klaus, stop messing with my emotions. It's not cool.
And, source.


  1. awww thank you so much for the nomination! My first one :)

    You're awesome!

    1. You're welcome, girl! And YOU'RE the one who is awesome! :D

  2. I am on Blogger, not Wordpress, but I can do a little bit of graphic design. I do my own blog designs, as well as blog design/etsy headers/prints for some friends. Feel free to e-mail me at for any questions.

    1. I might have to email you then! We are for sure using Word Press, and it needs to look professional and there are a few things I really don't know how to do.

  3. Yay! I have nominated you before for July's best blogger on 20 something bloggers, but haven't been as active to nominate you again! But you should know I will again!

  4. Thanks for the award! I'm glad you got nominated because you really are an amazing writer -- but more than that you are an amazing woman! :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks so much. I'm glad we've been able to keep in touch through blogging these last few years!!!! You're wonderful. :)

  5. Very busy! I'm jealous of how productive you are with all of these projects that you will be working are productive AND versatile! Enjoy Michigan, I'm sure it will be a great trip!

    1. It's going to be really fun. If I can actually get everything done!


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