Monday, March 19, 2012

Bad Friend- Guest Blogger

Emmy's Note: Leah is another one of my closest friends! We were friends in college and were roommates my senior year. She's an awesome friend and I love hanging out with her. All of the things she talks about in this post really happened - or are about to! (The Harry Potter marathon was over New Year once.) I love taking road trips with her and the random texts and phone calls we send each other. She blogs over at Adventures in Adulthood. Also, she's a much better friend than she gives herself credit for. ;)

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I'm a bad friend.

Well, I suppose that's not exactly true. I'm a bad long distance friend.

I get caught up in my life away from my best friend. In my job, paying bills, the book I'm currently reading, my blog, the pint of ice cream currently keeping me company, etc. You get the idea. I get distracted easily.

Honestly, I'm surprised Emily still wants to be friends with me. I've known her since my sophomore year of college. I'm not going to think about how long ago that was. I'll only depress me.

But she's my favorite kind of friend.

We won't see each other for months and months and then one of us will road trip to see each other, and it's like picking up where we left off. We have nerdy Harry Potter marathons, or sit at Starbucks together and work on our novels, (Emmy's note: true story. She road tripped to see me during NaNoWriMo and we worked on our novels the whole time) or go and see the Hunger Games at midnight like we're going to do in 3 days.

But we all have friends like this.

You don't have to live in the same city, and you don't always talk regularly.

But when you do get together, it's like you just saw each other yesterday. You continue conversations, you do your favorite things, you watch movies, you go on adventures like no time has passed. You've known each other for so long that no time at all was lost.

I'm blessed to have a best friend who knows I'm a bad long distance friend, and loves me anyway. But that's what friends do. They see your weaknesses and love you anyway. They're still willing to take your phone call about the crappy day you just had, or the guy who stepped all over your heart, or make nerdy plans with you.

So thanks Em. You're the bestest best friend.

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  1. I must say this: I am bless to know the author of this post and the host of this blog and to have been an observer of their awesome friendship. You too are wonderful and I am blessed to know you both. <3

  2. What a lovely post! I know how it is with the long distance friendships...and I'm not even in college yet!

  3. Yes! Even I have those "Friends forever" types, people I can always come home to, crash with and hang out iwth. I hope it's always like that.


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