Monday, November 21, 2011

I Am [blank] Because...

I found this idea from the blog Lily White.

I am weird because...

When I'm trying to think of an idea or of how to write a scene in a story I tend to pace around the room
I play with whatever necklace I'm wearing constantly
I'm ridiculously addicted to my g-mail, google reader, and google calendar
There are times when I think that nachos and cheese/salsa is just fine for a full meal
I have no problem spending $5+ on Starbucks, but cringe when I have to pay $5+ for a meal at McDonalds
When I feel the need to walk around and clear my mind - I usually end up going to the mall

I am a bad friend because...

I haven't kept in touch with a lot of people that I really care about
Sometimes I'm really impatient
Sometimes I talk about myself and my life too much
When I'm mad or upset... it's not pretty
They are all probably really annoyed with my constant talk of NaNoWriMo
I can't randomly get up in the middle of the night to visit you when you're sad like I used to

I am a good friend because...

I love listening to people's stories
Long conversations on the phone is one of my all time favorite things
I'll listen to you gush about some boy/girl that you like as well as the latest book/TV show/Movie you are into
We don't need to do anything special when we are together - as long as we are together
More than likely - even if you don't know it - you're on my mind

I am sad because....

I have to go to a meeting tonight, which means I'm going to miss the Dancing With The Stars finals
I know that my Thanksgiving vacation is going to go by far too quickly
I finished Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick over a week ago and still have yet to start another book
Sometimes no matter what I do, it's not going to be enough

I am happy because....

This past week I was able to hold a newborn baby (not mine, a friends)
My word count for NaNoWriMo is in really good shape - even though my plot isn't where I want it to be
This morning I had a fun conversation with a friend
New music is on my ipod

I am excited for....

Visiting a friend on Wednesday where we'll have Craker Barrel, watch Breaking Dawn, make cinnamon rolls, and have tons of time to catch up on life
Seeing my family on Thanksgiving Day - some of them I haven't seen since Christmas
The high school youth coming over to my apartment the Sunday after Thanksgiving to help me decorate for Christmas
Seeing two college students this afternoon to talk and catch up on life since they've been away at school
In 4 days the Christmas music and movies are going to start!

Mingle 240


  1. I feel ya about not being a good friend and talking to much about myself. Have a great Thanksgiving,friend!

  2. You have a great Thanksgiving too!


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