Monday, November 14, 2011

Life Post-Potter

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And onto other news....

In case you live in a hole and/or have not been following my Twitter conversations this morning...


::Insert Emily acting like a crazy/pathetic/ridiculous fan girl::

I read all three books within a week back in August.

I'm fairly certain there were moments I cried more than I did during Harry Potter - which is saying a lot.

I'm also fairly certain I texted my friend who introduced me to The Hunger Games every few hours as I read. He found it highly amusing to know what was going to happen when I didn't.

Now one of my other friends is reading the books... and I understand the amusement now.

I've decided that now the final Harry Potter movie is on DVD/Blue-Ray, The Hunger Games will make me happy. That and NaNoWriMo. (And don't tell anyone... but I'm secretly excited for Breaking Dawn. SHHH! It's a secret!)

Have you all read The Hunger Games? What are your thoughts?

What has helped you get through life post-Potter? Or perhaps is there another book series/movie series/TV show/other thing of your choice that made you really sad was over. What did you do with yourself after?

Also... you can see my NaNoWriMo word count update on the right side of this blog. Exciting stuff!

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  1. What's helped me post-Potter? Doctor Who. I honestly can't believe that I only started watching it a couple of months ago. It seems like it's been part of my life forever!

    And I read The Hunger Games in September. I bought it at the airport when I was flying home from LA. Pretty much as soon as I got home, I went online and ordered Catching Fire and Mockingjay. And I am OMG SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THE MOVIE!! Is it March yet???????

  2. I've heard that Dr. Who is really good - but I haven't watched it yet. I need to add it to my list of TV shows I need to catch up on. And IKR about Hunger Games????? I want to see the movie sooooo bad. But at the same time- it's either going to be completely AMAZING or an EPIC FAILURE. I'm terrified it's going to be epic failure. :(


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