Friday, November 18, 2011

Go Write Your Novel!

It's week 3 of NaNoWriMo!

As I go through the month of November I realize more and more that the struggle of writing 50,000 words isn't much of an issue for me. If you frequent my blog you know that I can write some really long posts. I've been telling stories ever since I was a kid and I hated it when my teachers would tell us we needed to write a short one page story. My stories always ended up being about 20 pages.

So, as I talk with friends who are having troubles getting their 50,000 words... I sometimes have a hard time relating. My issue isn't getting the words, it's getting the motivation to write them, finding the time, and several other things. I have a lot of things I need to work on when it comes to my writing and NaNoWriMo - but getting a lot of words on a page isn't one of them. My goal this year is to actually FINNISH my novel. Every year I write my 50,000 words.... but the novel isn't anywhere near finished.

Therefore, my goal for November of 2011 is to actually have an ENDING. It might have plot holes and places where I type [Insert this scene later]. But gosh darnit I'm going to have an ending this year!

As of Wednesday I feel like I have hit a wall. I didn't write a single word that day and I just had no motivation to write anything. It was really frustrating. Hopefully this week I'll get my motivation back though, and I have some feelings about how that's going to happen. It WILL be blogged, I promise.

For those of us feeling frustrated with NaNoWriMo for whatever reason... here is a video from the girl who sang the NaNoWriMo song. Hopefully it will get you motivated and inspired!


  1. Ug this is so true. I know I can write the words but the motivation is what stopped me. This is my first year doing it and I got stuck around 13,000 words. I'm still planning on trying to finish though! I just need to get the motivation to do it.

  2. Kyle- you can totally do it! Last year, I lost motivation for a whole week and didn't write a single word, and I still won. You'd be surprised how many people win when they are crazy far behind. And even if you don't get your 50k - those are still words that weren't written before!

  3. The motivation is my problem too! Once I start writing I can't stop, but it's the doing it in the first place. It really frustrates me that I procrastinate over doing something that I love, grrr!

    All the best with your novels Emmy and Kyle!

  4. @Fire Fairy-

    YES! That's exactly it! Once I start typing, I'm good. It's the starting that's the problem.... and it's also learning when to stop. Sometimes I need to stop in the middle of an idea so that I have motivation to go back to it the next day. Or sometimes I write an awesome scene - then I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen next. BLAH!

  5. You can do it! When I write, (well when I was writing my Harry Potter fanfiction) I have a hard time making choices after a pivotal scene, because once it's down on paper (or in the computer) you have to go with it and continue. Sometimes I have different places I want to go with the story and I hate choosing just one.

  6. Jenny- I TOTALLY know what you mean! The other day I wrote this amazing scene that I had been anticipating and working towards for FOREVER and then once it was done I was like "now what?" LOL. And I love that you write Harry Potter fan fiction! I'm not the biggest fan of that sort of thing... but I think it's cool when others are :)

  7. I love that video. I just finished my first NaNo novel this year. Good luck :)

  8. YAY! Congrats! I'm getting close to winning - but I really want to get more than 50k this year so I'm closer to getting my story actually DONE. lol

  9. Replies
    1. UGH no. I don't know why I can never finish a novel. It's ridiculous. THIS YEAR WILL BE THE YEAR!


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