Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Gonna Write A Freaking Novel - I'm Gonna Write A Book!

One of my blogging friends, Becca, shared this video with me on Twitter today. It made my afternoon - and it was perfect timing since I just sat down at Starbucks to get some writing done. I thought I would share it with you all. Maybe it will help you understand the craziness that is me during November.

I think my favorites parts are the dancing with laptops, cursing in the cemetery, and her Harry Potter poster (of course!) What's your favorite? And how is your word count? I am at 9,271 and I'm starting chapter 3 today!

Excerpt of the day:

“Something special will happen with this branch,” Lily told Myla. “And someday, things will be better. You will see.”

“Do you promise?” Myla asked as she sniffed away more tears.

“I promise. Now chin up and no more tears. People do not want a teary eyed baroness do they?”

Myla shook her head and wiped her eyes. She was tired of crying and she felt as though all she did was cry. Lily was right, no one wanted a teary eyed baroness. She needed to be brave. Her mother was brave, so she could be as well.  


  1. You know what, that did really help me understand what is going on in your head right now! haha! Thanks for sharing!

  2. haha, that video is really cute. I kinda gave up on the novel, but am glad I got a story started. I'm going to try to finish my story, even if it's not novel-length.

  3. I LOVED that video!! I wish there was a easier way to write... some times by thoughts come a lot faster then my fingers on a keyboard. :) Good luck with your novel!!

  4. Leslie- yup! This video is pretty much my life at the moment. Just wait until the end of the month when I waaay behind. I'm going to be so anti-social!

    Tsarista- That's ok! Sometimes it's worth it just to get a story in your head started, no matter what the length is.

    Jenny- I completely agree! Sometimes the hardest part is me just writing the first sentence, or even just the first few words. But once I start typing- a lot of times I jut can't stop!

  5. Glad it's entertaining people! And I'm sure Kristina's glad too. :)


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