Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Vlog

Lately, I've been consumed with Vlog Every Day April. (VEDA) I feel like all I do is record, edit, and post videos lately. But I love it! I've been participating with VEDA for a few years now, and Kirstie and I ran it for WeBlogWeVlog this past year. We then took on Vlogmas - and ever since then I've been adicted.

(If you're looking for the Unbroken book talk with Bonnie... we were both WAY ahead of the game and thought it was this week, but it's next week. So come back a week from today!)

Today, I want to share with you five reasons why I think other bloggers should join me on the vlogging train. Don't quit blogging if that's what you love - I have no intentions of stopping my writing. But you have to admit, adding video is pretty awesome once you get started.

I made a video about it (because... duh) but below I'll write a quick re-cap of what I said.

1) You Get to Know People on Another Level

You can absolutely get to know people through their blogs. They post pictures, write about their lives, and sometimes you can really "hear" their voice. With vlogging - you ACTUALLY hear their voice. When you see someone's face and see and hear how they talk, you get to know them on another level.

2) The Community is Awesome

There are tons of communities you can join if you want a place to plug in. Kirstie and I lead WeBlogWeVlog, Amber and Annie do the Speak Up Link Up on the first Friday of the month, and the Snark Squad is now doing #seguemagicsaturdays.

Speak Up
Snark Squad

3) It's not as Complicated and Expensive as You Think

People feel as though they need fancy cameras and editing equipment. WRONG! Lately, I've been using my iPad and my phone exclusively for filming. Sometimes I use my point and shoot camera too.

For editing? I use Windows Movie Maker (it came with my laptop, and it's not crazy fancy, but gets the job done) and the free iMovie app on my iPad. (There's a full app for $5.) That's all you need and they're really easy to use.

4) It Stretches Your Creativity

There's so much you can do with video , so it's fun to see the different ideas you can come up with for your topics to make it fun and entertaining.

5) You can Vlog About Basically Anything

Book Tube and beauty videos are HUGE! But there's a ton of other stuff you can do too. Whatever you're interested in, you can vlog about it. In fact, I'm obssessed with this new channel that's dedicated to Disney. Or maybe you can do comedy or sketches or a web series or something educational or music...

So, there you go. Have you thought about vlogging? If you've thought about it but never taken the plunge, what's stopping you? Do you vlog? If you do, what are some of your suggestions to newbies?

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