Friday, July 4, 2014

Sharing Life

Lately, I've been wondering what I want to do with this blog. I've grown tired of writing posts which I feel are pointless and just adding to the noise on the Internet.  If I'm going to write and create something, I want it to be something worthwhile.

But then when I get in phases like this, I just stop. Ever since that post my updates on here have been much fewer than they had been. So many times we writers write when inspiration hits. What happens when inspiration doesn't hit? We don't write. Which is awful. Sometimes you have to just sit down and do it and inspiration will come.

A couple of weeks ago, two YouTubers put up videos which I loved. One was Jenna Marbles, and the other was Carrie Hope Fletcher. Two VERY different women, but they each made a video which spoke to me.

Carrie's video was about how it's okay to not be okay. We can be honest about our feelings and where we are in life and things we're upset about.

Jenna Marbles was her 200th video and she talked about life. Where she's been, how she doesn't know where she's going (which I totally relate to right now), what she wants, etc.

What I found similar about these two great videos is how both of them are willing to just be totally honest and put themselves out there. Whether it's something stupid, or silly, not not perfect, or something meaningful and thought provoking. They just share their lives with whoever wants to walk beside them.

That's why I keep blogging and (on occasion) do YouTube videos. (VEDA is coming soon!) It's just sharing life with people. Even if the content isn't completely brilliant all of the time. Honestly, a lot of people enjoy things which are just fun and ridiculous and sometimes pointless. Because that's life.

I love watching people's videos and reading their blog posts about everyday life and what they're into.

So I keep creating content and absorbing content on the Internet. Because we're sharing life together.

Today's prompt: A Video I Am Loving. Link up here.

Also- happy Independence Day!!!!!


  1. i haven't watched jenna's videos in awhile but i always loved them and how honest she is too. i wish i could be that open too!

  2. tralala. you have made me start to love Carrie, Emmy <3 great videos! always.. you made lovely post! <3

    1. Isn't she awesome? I got into her videos because she made a video of a song she wrote called "Boys in Books are Better" and it's the best thing ever!

    2. she's totally awesome! "Boys in Books are Better" must be read! x)

  3. I went through a similar phase last summer, first I was busy with the end stages of my thesis and then I slipped into the great nothingness of what comes next. I had stopped blogging and couldn't bring myself to start up again because nothing exciting happened. I had nothing to talk about. But that's okay. Write what you want or don't write, this is your space and you can do with it whatever the hell you want.

    1. That's definitely the attitude I'm going to take once this month is over. I'm going to write when I feel like it and because I have something to say. Not because I have the pressure to post every single day.


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