Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happiness Is...

For people who are long time readers of this blog, along with my family and friends, they probably have a good idea of the things which  make me happy in life.


This is pretty frequent on my Instagram
My dog, Bandit

Another frequent image on my Instagram


Just a small handful of my book collection


I saw Motown the musical a few weeks ago with some friends and WOW! It was incredible!

Various fandoms (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, etc.)

They're all here in one picture! Isn't it GLORIOUS?

However, there are other things in life which make me happy that I want to share with you today which you may or may not know about.

-Random mixes on This is the one I've been listening to this morning as I write, and it's one of my favorite mixes I've found. But there are a ton of other mixes I love too. I've found a ton of new songs I've fallen in love with by letting this app/website take over as I'm reading or blogging and checking emails.

- The Chicago skyline. Or any city skyline really, but I live in Chicago so I'm partial. I see the skyline every morning as I drive to work and of course when I drive into the city. But every time I'm always awestruck that I get to live in such a beautiful city. Even when I'm driving in the rain or crappy weather it's pretty. The way fog and clouds wrap around the skyscrapers makes you feel like you're in a movie.

We had some pretty scary storms the other night, but how cool is this photo of the clouds????? Source

- Shopping for clothes and makeup. It sounds ridiculous, and I used to not be a big fan of it. But now that I've gotten older and I've learned how to really pick out what looks good on me and what I like, it's so much more fun. (Even through college I had to have friends put my makeup on for me because I didn't know how.) I really enjoy putting together outfits and different looks for what I want to do that day or who I want to be. It's like creating little costumes for yourself. Like Lola does in the book Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Although, Lola goes way more extreme than I do. But honestly, I'd rather wear a fun skirt than blue jeans because I like how I look and it's way more comfortable.

- Random snap chats from people. It's become one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with people, especially those who don't live near me. Their faces make me smile. Awhile ago one of my good friends who lives in Maryland got snapchat and sent me a picture. I was so excited because I had realized how long it had been since I had seen their face and there it was! I love how we can be ridiculous and crazy and look awful but see images of each other and our lives. (Seriously, I need more snapchat buddies. If you want my username just send me a message. FOR REALS.) Also, that dancing ghost thing is adorable.

- The fact that I'm hosting Vlog Every Day in August (VEDA) with my friend Kirsti. 

Kirsti and I with our friend Lor when we went to The Magical World of Harry Potter last year.
Yes, that is butterbeer in our hands.
Wait- what?

Yup. You read that right. For the last two years I have been participating in VEDA with a ton of other internet people on YouTube and it's been a blast. We create a calendar of topics and everyone posts their short videos and we all comment on them and become friends. The other day when Kirsti and I saw that the "captain" of VEDA was stepping down for this year, we kinda on a whim decided to team up and do it ourselves!

If you've ever thought about doing it, this is the year because it is SO MUCH FUN.

For more info you can follow us on Twitter (@WeBlogWeVlog). That way you can be up to date on everything going on! If you aren't on Twitter but want to participate just let me know and I can be sure to get you the information.

So, what makes you happy?

Today's Blog Everyday in July Topic: Five things that make you happy. Link up here!


  1. I so agree that coffee and books bring happiness!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Coool stuffs! Totally agree with books that can make me also happy! thx for sharing Emmy : p

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  3. ahhh i don't watch supernatural but otherwise love the superwhopotluck graphic! and that chicago photo is really cool.

  4. Things that make me happy...I'm with you on coffee and books for sure! Also, my little pug! And good friends that stand by your side no matter what :)

  5. Truth: I'd ask you to be buddies with me on SnapChat, but most of my Snaps are of my dogs. (But if you're up for countless dog Snaps, then by all means, let's be friends!)

    1. I'm all for snapchatting with pics of my dog!


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