Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Books I Want to See as Movies

When it comes to book to movie adaptations I'm pretty weird. I actually tend to be pretty forgiving. Whenever people go to movies which were based on books I ALWAYS hear "The book was better."

Well... duh.

I always take that as kind of a given. I can maybe count on one hand the movies which are better than the books. So why do we always feel the need to say the book was better? 95% of the time that's the case.

Also, movies and books are two completely different story telling mediums. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE CHANGES.

Let me repeat myself in case you didn't hear me.


That's the nature of books to movies or even TV shows. I can understand to an extent being upset about changes depending on what it is. There are times when the movie makers make a change and it totally changes the heart of the story. That's not okay. But making adjustments so the story can be translated to a movie screen and audience? Yeah... it's going to happen.

Then, everyone has different views of a book. The way you read and interpret a book will be different than how someone else will read and interpret the same book. Therefore, whoever is making the movie will read and interpret the story differently than you will.

Deal with it.

There are definitely times when movies are totally awful and completely went away from the book. I'm never going to deny that. However, I also think we're way too harsh on book to movie adaptations and need to just learn to accept certain things. I always think about the movies of The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. Both are book to movie adaptations and there are A TON of changes in the movie which didn't happen in the book. But both movies are still excellent. They're still considered two of the greatest movies in history.

Side note: They may not be your particular taste, but they are still widely considered great movies. They're Hollywood legends. Just because it's not your taste doesn't mean they aren't good.

All of this being said, I still approach thinking about which books I want to become movies with caution. When I read books I can't help but try and think of how it would translate to the big screen. Because a book might be awesome - but that doesn't mean it'll make an awesome movie. But here are some books I'd love to see as movies (or other things...) if I was in total control of what happened.

The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn

To be honest, I think I would rather see these books as a TV show simply because there are SO MANY BOOKS. 12 in The Christy Miller Series, 12 for The Sierra Jensen Series, 3 for Christy and Todd The College Years, 4 for The Katie Weldon Series, and the first book in Christy and Todd, the Married Years was just released. That's not including some of the other spin offs about Todd's dad and other characters. ALL of these books surround the same characters and plot lines and all intertwine. I think it would be so fun to watch all of these characters come to life on screen and see all of their drama and stories unfold.

But let's be honest - it's a Christian series. One, there aren't really many Christian TV shows. Two, if Christian movies are any basis to go on, a Christian TV show wouldn't be very good.

A girl can hope though, right?

The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

As far as I know, the only Elizabeth Chadwick book which has been a movie is The First Knight and I believe it stars Richard Gere. So... that's exciting.

However, her books deserve way more time on the big screen. The Greatest Knight is based on the life of William Marshal who was considered one of the greatest knights of Medieval England and served King Richard and Prince John. (Thus the title. And yes... the King Richard and Prince John of Robin Hood.) He's a fantastic historical figure and his life is fascinating. I would love to see him in a movie.

The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

Yes... The Mortal Instruments movie was kinda a flop. But I really enjoyed the spin off trilogy more and if they found some awesome people to make the movie, it could be great. Right?

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This one would be hit or miss. It's one of my all time favorite books so I would have really high expectations for a movie adaptation. But if done well - it would be amazing! If done badly... well... we'll just not think about it. Although, I actually feel as though it would translate better to the stage. Do you hear me Broadway? Let's make this happen. Besides, I tweeted the author about it once and she said she agreed with me.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor

This is another one where if it's done well it would be AMAZING. If not... ugh. But this story is so unique and lovely and exciting. I think it would make for one epic movie. Assuming everyone who is involved with making it is also spectacular.

So... if you had total control over the production, what books would you want to see as movies? (Or TV or stage productions?)


  1. YES. Thank you. I'm also pretty forgiving of movie adaptations, so when people bitch about little changes it drives me nuts. I know people who are never, ever happy with any adaptation of a book they love and it's kind of obnoxious.

    That said, there are some times I do get frustrated with adaptations. I absolutely love the book A Long Way Down, but when I just saw the recent move on Amazon Instant Video...well, I felt a lot like Hercules. And it wasn't because of plot changes so much as that the movie had a completely different tone than the book and the story doesn't work without that tone. But there are movies I would have liked better if I hadn't read the book first- I think I would have liked the Liam Neeson Les Miserables movie if I hadn't read the book and seen the musical because so much was left out.

    Out of these books I've only read The Night Circus but I think that book could be a great movie.

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me! I feel like people get too picky about movie and book adaptations. UGH!

      And wouldn't The Night Circus be such a beautiful and magical movie?

  2. I 100% agree!!! I love BOTH, the book(s) and the movie(s), as long as they're both good in their own way.

    I'll have to really think about this. I know for sure I'd love to see the Fablehaven series and the Amaranthine series as movies.


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