Monday, December 2, 2013

Things I Could Talk About

It's after lunch on Monday afternoon. I'm back at work, a large vanilla coke from the gas station at my side. Thanksgiving is over, and therefore, I have no excuse to not write a blog post.

It's not even that busy of a Monday morning as far as Mondays go.

I've opened and closed the Blogger tab on my computer several times already through the day and I've skimmed over everyone else's blog posts from the holiday weekend. How everyone else has time to post up all of their photos up on their blogs is beyond me. I brought my laptop along over the long weekend, but the only time I opened it for a significant period of time was to get my Christmas music uploaded onto my iPod.


It's not that I don't have anything to write about. There are several topics I could discuss on this Monday.

I could talk about Mondays and how miserable they are after a holiday weekend. Whether you're a student or you have a job, it's the worst.

I could talk about how even though I promised I would only put up my Christmas tree this year so I wouldn't have as much to pack when I move, somehow candles, pictures, nativity scenes, and bells somehow got placed all around my apartment.

I could talk about my favorite Christmas movies and how I've already watched four of them since Thanksgiving.

I could talk about how plans are coming along for changing my life and the big move right before Christmas.

I could talk about how every single weekend this month I have some sort of party and most of them are labeled as "Christmas", but they really are going to be about saying goodbye.

I could talk about winning NaNoWriMo some more and how I was so excited to win, but I was also really sad it was over.

I could talk about how the first Christmas albums I've listened to this season were Glee and NSYNC and poke fun at how ridiculous I am with my taste in music.

I could talk about Advent, a season that I hold close to my heart.

I could talk about how after all of the drama of getting my cell phone last year which was expressed through an abundance of GIFS... I had to randomly buy a new one over Thanksgiving. At least it's cooler than the other one. Also- way less drama. Let's just say I'm always going to the store that's NOT at my mall from here on out.

But I'm not going to. For today, it's just a Monday after a holiday and I have to work. My hope is that I'll be done a bit early so I can spend some time with a friend this afternoon. I'll think about how I'm going to pack up my desk and that I need to begin working on cleaning out my office before Christmas. I'll check my emails and messages to be sure everything for the week is underway.

However, I'm caught up on everything for the most part, which is a good thing. Which means I can hear from all of you. How was your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)? What did you do this weekend? Are you hating Monday? Do you want to go get me Starbucks? Cause that would be great.

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  1. OMG! This Monday was rough for me too. It's hard I get back into the swing
    of things after a holiday, lol.

  2. This is like the roughest monday of all Mondays just because finals are next week AND I have a HUGE debate tomorrow for one of my classes. Ugh.... stressing is so much fun, sin't it?

  3. Almost all of my Christmas music is 90's themed. No shame in my game LOL

    BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop. Join us!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix


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