Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let it Snow

Down here in Missouri - it's the apocalypse.

At least it appears that way when you go to Walmart and all of the bread, milk, and eggs are gone. It can only mean one thing.

Storm's a commin.

It's the snowpocaplyse everyone!!!!

Or as our local social meteorologist Bobby Clubbs says: #abonimation. (He's a teacher here in southeast Missouri and runs this Facebook page - it's hilarious!)

Almost everyone is freaking out. I wasn't joking when I said Walmart was running out of bread, eggs, and milk. Whenever there might be snow, everyone panics. This video is basically how everyone reacts:

A friend of mine showed that to me a few months ago, and we watched it about five times in a row and it got better each time. Because this is so true!

As for me? I'm excited. They're calling for at least 12 inches of snow starting tonight/this afternoon. In my Chicago/pessimistic mind... we'll probably get 2 inches. Maybe. 

However, I'm really hopeful for a full 12. I realize I'm probably crazy and this is the unpopular opinion. Yet, I'm ready for a good snow day.

All I want to do is put on some warm sweatpants, curl up on the couch with Bandit, coffee, and hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies all weekend long. It's a good thing White Christmas is on Netflix because you know I'll be all over that. 

While I'm fully aware that snow and being cold really has nothing to do with Christmas and the birth of Jesus, I still always want a white Christmas. My first Christmas Eve in Missouri, it was foggy and I wore a sweatshirt outside. It was pathetic.

So, yes, I'm hoping for a big ol' snow storm. Bring it on! I want to be as cozy and happy and full of old fashioned cheese as Kurt and Blaine in this Glee video:

How will you be surviving the winter weather?

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  1. The storm is coming here as well though people don't go crazy with buying up all the bread, milk and eggs. It's supposed to be really bad up in the north. It's also supposed to snow today and all day tomorrow.
    Last year we had almost 20°C on Christmas which was terrible. I love white Christmas.

    1. I love white Christmas too! Down here, because we usually don't get this much snow, everyone freaks out. Missouri is also known for really bad ice storms, so any sort of winter weather happens and the entire town shuts down! There were several businesses and restaurants that didn't open on Friday.

  2. we haven't had a true storm watch yet but have a few warnings which turned out to be some flurries here and there. it wasn't bad.

    but when it does get back, the sweats come on and we just watch movies all day. best!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. No snow on chicago yet...but we got an "arctic blast". So it went from 50 to 11 degrees in one day...but it's nothing us Chicagoans can't handle!!

    1. Yup! I have a neighbor from Southern California... I felt so bad for him! He had no idea what to do!

  4. Haha, love the 'bread and milk' video - that's exactly how people in the UK react when snow is forecast, so it made me laugh. This country does have an annoying habit of coming to a standstill when it snows, even if it's just an inch or two, but there is really no need to panic, argh!

    1. Haha - yes! So you know what I mean! When I stopped by the grocery store on Thursday to pick up cheese (I had a craving for grilled cheese sandwiches) almost ALL of the bread was gone! This tends to happen a lot here for hardly any snow or ice. But I'll give them this one because we had at least a foot of snow. That's really unusual for this area!


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